TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Feb. 17th

Erin Sher,mom of three, hanging out while all of them are at home.

How ya like me now Kate!?

Reminder about Recent Schedule Additions:  5am on Mondays and Wednesdays in Corte Madera, 3pm Mondays and Thursdays, Open Gyms on Wednesdays at 7pm in Novato, this Friday at 4pm in San Rafael, and Mill Valley at 4pm every Friday.  Weehoo.

**Our weekly seminar series will begin this Saturday, Feb 18th. All classes will be held at the San

Rafael gym.  Please note that we have changed the days to Sundays starting week two. You can sign up for one week at a time.  Cost is
$35 per week.

SATURDAY Feb 18th:  Bodyweight Strength Training for Home and Road, Double Unders, Nutrition with Marcus and Yago
 SUNDAY Feb 25th:  Foundations of Fitness–Strength–Squat, Deadlift, and Press with Jessica and Evan
SUNDAY Mar 4th:  Flaws and Corrections of the Olympic Lifts with Danny and Nicki
SUNDAY Mar 11th:  Flexibility and Mobility/Injury Prevention and Rehab with TJ
SUNDAY Mar 18th: Pullup, Dip, and Muscle Up Progressions with Lisa and Allison

**The time to register for the CrossFit Open is now.  If you have any questions about this process, please first check Allison’s Discussion Board post and then email her at allison@tjsgym.comif you still have questions.

Speaking of the Open, Allison wrote a little article on her new Power of Community blog about Effort and what it means to be outside of your comfort zone.  Check it out:    Scroll down to the blog on the lower left. You have to sign in, but it takes about ten seconds and it’s worth the read. 


Hang Power Clean – build up to a tough single for the day

For Time
30 reps Hang Power Clean @ 70% of todays best
100 Double Unders
800m Run

*Competitors- Handstand Pushup Ladder for time.  Go up to as many as you can then come down.  Don’t move on if you fail on the way down.

Out of Town WOD

100 Mt. Climbers (2 is1)

100 Double Unders

800m Run


Hollow Rock Tabata (20sec on, 10 sec rest x8)

Mobility WOD


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