TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Feb. 7th

Kelly sometimes looks scared and sometimes looks lost but she always seems to be having a good time.
Margie is back!
Biggest Winner Info meeting in Novato at 10:15am on Tuesday and Thursday
San Rafael/CM Biggest Winner Q and A meeting on Wed at 5:45 pm for 30 min.  San Rafael Gym.
Here is the new Seminar Schedule that we will be rolling out in San Rafael.  $35 per person/per seminar and there will be a sign up sheet in SR for each one.  You can email Toni at to sign up as well.  We will only be accepting 12 people per seminar.  1-3pm every Saturday.
Week 1 Sat Feb 18th– Bodyweight strength training for home and road (double unders)/Basic Nutrition with Yago and Marcus
Week 2 Feb 25th – Foundations of Fitness. The importance of strength as a foundation of fitness/ Squat, Deadlift and Press  with Jess and Evan
Week 3 March 3rd– The Flaws and Corrections of the Olympic Lifts with  Danny and Nicki
Week 4 March 10th–  Flexibility and Mobility/ Injury prevention and rehabilitation  with TJ
Week 5 March 17th– Pullup,Dip, Muscle up Progressions with Allison and Lisa


A. 4 Sets
5 Press (hard from Racks)


A. 4 Sets
5 Press (hard from Racks)
150 Row Sprint;
rest 2mins between sets

B. 4 Sets
5 Push Press
30sec Airdyne
rest 2mins between sets

Out of Town WOD

30, 20, 10

100 Double Under Buy in then:

Situps and Squats

Mobility WOD 

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