TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. Jan. 28th

Mary Boston.  What a stud.  She dominates the room.  What do I have to do to get her to come to one of my classes?

We have a request: When you are in class, please help the coaches by putting your full name (first and last) on the white boards.  This will help our attendance system’s accuracy!

We will announce how we are going to run the CF Open workouts at all of our gyms some time next week.  If you don’t know what the Open is, please go to the CrossFit website and do some research on the Games. The Open is a worldwide competition qualifying individuals and teams for the Regionals, leading up to the Games in Carson in July.
The next meeting of the Women of TJ’s Gym Discussion Group will be 7:30-8:45pm in San Rafael on Monday, Feb 13th.  No charge–just come if you want to chat.
We have a number of teams set to compete at the East Sac Throwdown next weekend, Feb 11th and 12th at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Sacramento.  If you can make it, it will be a great day to wear the blue and cheer on our athletes in the Rx, Master’s, and Novice Divisions.
The Biggest Winner comes to Novato tomorrow at 12:30pm.  Come check it out.


Partner Workout

21 Dumbell Ground to Overhead  45/30 , total

30 Wall Balls 20/14

Switch Partners

Both Run 250m

15 DB Ground to Overhead

20 Wall Balls

Switch Partners

Both Run 400m

9 DB G to O

15 Wall Balls

Switch Partners

Both Run 250.

Can’t start until both partners are back from run.  DO NOT DROP DUMBBELLS!  They are breaking all over the place from being dumped.  Be under control.

Out of Town WOD





Run 400m after each set (after 21’s, after 15, after 9’s)

Mobility WOD 


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