TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Feb. 1st

Thanks for this fantastic pic Greg.

What I’ve got here tonight are a couple of people who would rather be thrown off of a cliff then have attention brought to them in a public forum.  Tough Tebow’s.  Here it goes.

This is the second year of putting on the NorCal 40’s and the second year of Lisa running the show.  She oversees everything.  Programming, venue, volunteers, judging, registration, food, parking, insurance, blog, facebook and making sure that the emcee is well lubricated with his favorite adult beverage.  Everyone loves a mouthy emcee.  This year was different from last though.  There was pressure.  Backyard throwdowns are cool but we had set a bar and we only want to raise it.  Lisa is a driving force behind that.  She is not only an incredibly organized individual but she has incredible vision.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t .  She has the incredible confidence to voice her feelings and then back them up.  She also doesn’t hesitate to make changes if they are for the greater good and she does it with the upmost honesty and integrity.  It boils down to who she is and she is someone who cares.  Deeply, emotionally and without guilt she cares for everything in this community and what it stands for.  You get one or two people in your life who will do anything and I mean anything for you, including family.  We are lucky enough to have our Lisa.  If you wear the blue she will bleed, cry, scream, not sleep, drink tequila, give you a hug and worry herself sick for you.  She will also make you better than you were before you met her.  For that, I personally will always be in debt to her.

Michael Chamberlain was made the cut but not the copy and paste last night and I deeply apologize for that.  His performance on Sunday was legendary.  I mean that because if you read the Dboard today you know he was out, done, not gonna do it.  After some encouraging words for Joe Ball he turned the corner.  He came work on his snatch on Saturday and I happened to be there.  It looked like a kettlbell swing trying to f*&$ a box jump.  After few minutes with Evan he started looking like an athlete.  He snatched a PR of 125lbs on Sunday, twice , with a ton of people watching.  Couldn’t be prouder.  25th on the Run and 23rd on the final WOD.  Since his start at the gym he has become the epitome of what I wanted a TJ’s Athlete to be.  Better than he was.  That’s what I’m asking and Michael gives it to me every single day he walks in.  Seriously, one of my favorite people.

Novato Biggest Winner Challenge  is going on while you read this.  It’s not too late.  Saturday at 12:30 at the Novato big house.  Coach Calen will be giving out all the details on how this will change you forever.  In a good way.


Skill Practice – Thrusters from the floor – emphasize technique of squat clean thruster on first rep. Practice many reps to get the smooth transition .

A. 4 sets @ full effort
10 Tuck Jumps
7 Thrusters (hard and fast)
10 Box Jumps (lower for cycling speed)
7 Thrusters (hard and fast)
rest 2-3mins

B. 4 sets @ full effort
Row 250m/Airdyne 25/20 Calories
10 Burpees as fast as possible
rest 2-3mins

*if this workout is performed at full effort and modifications are made to ensure speed then you will get the most benefit.

Out of Town WOD

4 sets @ full effort
Run 200m
10 Burpees as fast as possible
rest 2-3mins

Mobility WOD 


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