TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Jan. 31st

Nor Cal 40s wrap-up

For those of you who don’t know what went down on Sunday, approximately 100 athletes in their forties were tested in a competition requiring a vast array of competencies and a whole lot of grit.  They had 3 full workouts and 4 “floaters wods,” each counting as 1/4 of a workout.
Here’s what they were:
Wod 1  1.2 mile run with weighted vest 20/14
Wod 2  30 Squat snatches 125/85 for time with a 20-Dboule under penalty for  each missed rep
Wod 3  7-min AMRAP of 7 Chest to bar pullups;10 DB push press 40/25; 10 KB swings 53/35
Max 16′ rope climbs in 4 min
Max Burpee over wall 6’/5′ in 4 min
Row sprints 250m rest 45 sec 250m rest 45 sec 250m
One rep max bench press in 4 min
Final event for top 5 women and men:
AirDyne 24/18 calories then AMRAP deadlifts 225/165
rest 60 seconds
Airdyne 24/18 calories then AMRAP ring dips
rest 90 seconds
Airdyne 24/18 calories then AMRAP thrusters 95/65
Women’s leaders:
1. Allison Belger – 7.75 TJ’s Gym
2. Bonnie Lynn – 25.0 CrossFit Evoke
3. Sabrina Teller – 25.5 CrossFit East Sacramento
Men’s Leaders
1. Skip Hanson-31.75 CrossFit Santa Cruz Central
2. Scott Dorrity-35.25 CrossFit 319
2. Kenny Kane-35.25  CrossFit LA
That’s right, people. Our own Dr. Allison won in a landslide victory.  She took 1st place on all 3 workouts by huge margins. In the floaters, she took 1st on the row, 3rd on the rope climbs, 6th on the bench press (second time ever benching), and 5th on the burpee wall.  She went into the final workout with such a huge margin ahead that she didn’t have to do the workout. Guess what?  She came in 1st in that workout, too.  Her performance was amazing, but I’m most proud of how much fun she had and how relaxed and composed she was all day.
Our other TJ’s athletes were equally awesome and had plenty of high points of their own.

Gia Kramer.  Holy smokes she packs a punch in that tiny frame.  Second on the run and 8th place overall.  She fought for the snatch and pulled of a rep at 85 pounds, a good percentage of her bodyweight.  Gia is a fighter and one incredibly talented athlete.

Patty Flynn.  Got 14 consecutive PR’s in the snatch workout.  Came in 2nd on the row.  Had the Patty Flynn attitude and smile we’ve all come to count on at these events.
Brad Matsik, despite a disappointing rope climb (no experience), pulled off a 4th-place spot in an extremely competitive field.  He came in 2nd on the run and 3rd in the snatch.  Classy as always the whole day through.
Dave Zeff. 12th place overall. Second place on the bench.  7th on the snatch.  This guy is a competitor and a team member through and through.  I’d want him in my corner in any competition situation. Cool and calm and fired up.
Bob Scheppler 17th place overall with a 6th-place finish on the bench.  He brought himself back from a devastating injury last summer and is on his way back as a force to be reckoned with. Always a smile on his face.
Neil Murphy. Despite a fake hip that made for a brutal run, Neil pulled off a great day of competition.  He pulled off the fastest time of the day in the snatch workout at 5:08. Amazing performance!
 Novato’s Biggest Winner Challenge is starting with information meetings on Tuesday night at 7:15pm this Saturday at noon.  You’ll learn all about it from Coach Calen and learn how this could be a serious turning point in your life as a TJ’s Gym athlete.


5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1 – Floor Press

7min AMRAP – Norcal 40’s WOD
7 C2B Pull Ups
10 DB Push Press 40/25
10 KBS 53/35

Accumulate 120 sec on rings in Front Leaning Rest

*Competitors work on 5 sets of 5 reps of full kip (knees to elbows) , wall facing HSPU’s.

Out of Town WOD

7 min AMRAP

7 Burpees

10 Situps

10 Jumping Lunges

then Accumulate 120 seconds of front leaning rest.

Mobility WOD


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  1. Greg says:

    You forgot the great gutty performance of Mike Chamberlin.

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