TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Jan. 27th

Nicole  wants everyone to know that she already has the SR/CM Biggest Winner title all wrapped up so I am supposed to buy something nice for myself with all of the money that you guys “donated” to me.

If you don’t have access to the private Biggest Winner’s Blog and you are SR/CM then let me know.

Novato’s Biggest Winner Challenge 2012 Information Meetings are happening on Tuesday January 31st at 7:15pm and Saturday Feb. 4th at noon.  Meetings are at the Novato Gym.

NorCal 40’ for all your weekend plans.


2min Drill – With a 2min clock run 200m and then perform the max number of reps of the following exercises as possible. Rest 2mins between each set. Complete A1-A3 and then repeat for a total of 9 cycles through.

A1.200m Sprint
AMRAP SDHP (70/44) Use heavy kettlebells or 15# bars loaded appropriately. All other equipment will be gone for norcal 40’s

A2.200m Sprint
AMRAP Wall Ball (20/14)

A3.200m Sprint
AMRAP Burpees

Out of Town WOD

A1.200m Sprint
AMRAP Box Jumps

A2.200m Sprint
AMRAP Push Ups

A3.200m Sprint
AMRAP Squats

A4.200m Sprint
AMRAP Burpees

Mobility WOD 


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