TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Dec. 12th


I was fortunate enough to share something very special with a group of TJ’s Gymers on Saturday.  In Mill Valley,  we all shared in something outside of our everyday lives.  Our Disposable Heroes Project Fundraiser allowed us to become more aware of the plight of wounded veterans and their families.  Regardless of political leanings, we are all people, and nobody could help but be moved by the story of Mandy and Daniel Lister.  Daniel is a wounded veteran who lost his leg and suffered massive injuries from an IED explosion in Afghanistan.  We heard about the panic attacks she has every time he leaves the house, the nightmares their kids suffer, and the anger issues with which he struggles.  They are trying to put their lives back together, and thanks to the generosity of TJ’s Gymers and the great work of the DHP, we were able to furnish their home and will send them on a Disney Cruise with their kids.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house yesterday, and the workout was inspiring.  It’s not too late to give to the DHP.  Give any coach a check for whatever you can THIS WEEK, please.  You can also give by bidding on our online auction items on the TJ’s Gym Discussion Board. There are some great items up for grabs, so go for it.  Bidding closes Wednesday night.

There will be no women’s group Monday night (tomorrow) in San Rafael.  The good Dr. is wiped out and not feeling well.  The group will resume on the second Monday night in January.

Holiday Party this Saturday at 6:30pm in San Rafael.  Danny will be leading the dance competition.  This will be a great night–catered by our own Lisa Hines of Bella Luxe events.  Feel free to bring a favorite dish or dessert to add to the offerings if you are so inclined.  Please leave your kids at home.  


5 Sets for Load and Time
5 Deadlifts
3 Wall Walks
rest 1min
*DL weight can increase

Tabata Mash up
Sit Ups
Jump Lunges

 Out of Town 

Tabata Mash up
Sit Ups
Jump Lunges

Mobility WOD

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