TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Nov. 29th

Anthony has a solid background in strength training before he joined us.  Now he’s becoming a CrossFit monster.

There will be no classes in Novato this weekend due to the CrossFit Kids Certification that we are hosting.  Please make note.

You’ve got the Friday Open Gym in Novato this week at 4-5:15pm for Gilly’s birthday!

Open Gym is always  a great opportunity for you all work on what you need: strength.  I appreciate the effort I see people putting in when they come to Open Gym and work on their weaknesses.  Only problem is that all the kipping pullups and pistols and running that they do means they are missing the opportunity to improve all of those things and so much more, by lifting heavy sh#@.  You need a plan first and foremost.  So ask a coach and put it together.  Then stick to it.

Reminder:  10am CM classes M, W, and F in Corte Madera are no longer Skill Dev classes.

What caused the obesity epidemic?  NY Times


A1. Front Squat; 5, 5, 3, 3, 3
A2. Strict Pull Ups; 4-6 Reps

2 Rounds
400m Run
20 T2B (sub – jumping pull-ups)
20 Wall Ball

Out of Town WOD

2 Rounds
400m Run
20 V ups
20 Sprawl with a Jump

Mobility WOD


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