TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Nov. 16th

She’s 54 and she thinks your excuse stinks.

I want to give a shout out to Toni.  I know I do this every once in awhile, but it’s because she’s an intregral part of the team that keeps us up and running.  She’s one-of-a-kind, as you all know, and we send out a big thank-you to the powers of the universe that she’s ours.

Here’s one more day of the announcements,  in case  you missed any. Be sure to read them, as there’s some new information added tonight! Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving weekend schedule–to be announced tomorrow night and on the D Board.

We will be holding a Competitors Meeting this  Sunday,  11/20 at 8:30am in Corte Madera.  At this meeting we will be discussing CrossFit’s rules for the upcoming competition season and how TJ’s Gym will be making decisions on teams and  individuals.  We have the chance to field more than one team and we want to get the information out as soon as possible to everyone who might want to compete on a team. THIS MEETING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE WHO PLANS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE OPEN–JUST ATHLETES HOPING TO EARN A SPOT ON ONE OF OUR TEAMS.  If you’re not sure whether or not you should attend, please email

*Saturday, December 10th, 9:00am at TJ’s Gym Mill Valley will be our biggest fundraiser to date.  We are raising money for the Disposable Heroes Project, an organization dedicated to helping our wounded warriors and the families of fallen heroes.  In addition to the minimum donation of $60 for the workout, we will have a cash/check store with cool gear, services (eg massages), and other gift certificates (eg restaurants, etc.).  Please email  if you’d like to donate goods or services to this great cause. 

*TJ’s Gym Market Place–we are putting together an online directory of TJ’s Gymers and their services. It will be organized by category (eg, attorneys, physicians, painters, babysitters, etc.).  Please email Sunya at if you’d like to be included in the directory.  Send her your:
Business Name
Type of Service offered
Contact info (phone and/or email and/or website address)
BRIEF (one sentence) description of what you do

*We are offering a price break for all TJ’s members who purchase the gift of On Ramp classes (SR, CM, MV) or protocols (Novato) for a friend or family member between now and Dec. 15th. We can make up a nice little gift certificate.  On Ramp $200 (reg $230) and protocols $175 (reg $209).  Email if you’d like to purchase one.



6 Sets for load and reps
A1. Front Rack Russian Step Up; 14-16 reps; rest 15sec
A2. Ring Push Ups; AMRAP; rest 15sec
A3. KBS Russian; 15reps heavy; rest 15sec
A4. Row 125m; rest 2.5mins

Out of Town WOD

Death by Box Jumps

1 on the first minute

2 on the second, etc till you don’t make the minute.

Mobility WOD


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