TJ’S Gym WOD for Thurs. Oct. 27th

Lots of new program announcements on the discussion board-kids classes, teen classes, the new TJ’s Gym Lifestyle and Wellness Program.  Check it out!
Tonight, a short video from Sunday and a note from Dr. Allison, TJ’s Games Director and Programmer:
I’m writing this during a rehearsal for the Neil Cummins School Variety Show, while watching kids in grades K-4 practice their talent show acts.  Both of our girls are singing solos in the performance–brave souls.  Lyle will be singing the National Anthem.  After her rendition at the Games on Sunday, I feel pretty sure she’ll do great.  Of course I’m biased, but I cannot think of a more appropriate, symbolic way to have started off the TJ’s Games.  Despite her nerves, and looking out at a crowd of adults numbering somewhere close to 200, our reserved little nine-year-old planted her feet, took a deep breath, and sang her heart out.
We all want our loved ones to succeed, and we want them to be praised when they put themselves out there for public consumption.  It had been my suggestion that Lyle sing the Anthem in the first place, and I felt responsible for the outcome.  I knew how hard the song is to sing, and I knew how easy it would be to forget the words– heck even superstars forget, and they’ve known the words for far longer than Lyle’s been alive.  I wanted the experience of taking the risk, of trying something new and challenging, to be one that reinforced her developing sense of self-esteem and made her feel ready for whatever unchartered territory she might navigate next.
I imagine you all know the feeling I’m talking about–encouraging a child or spouse or partner or friend to take a risk and hoping all goes well but knowing you have no control over the outcome.  There were plenty of athletes whom I had encouraged to compete on Sunday, and though I was pretty sure everyone would have a positive experience, one never knows.
While many of you listened to Lyle sing on Sunday, your own butterflies were swirling around in the cocoons of your small intestines.  You could probably relate to her nerves; I’ve heard from many that you even drew inspiration from her courage (If she can do THAT, then I can do what’s in store for me).   There was certainly tons of inspiration to be had at TJ’s Novato on Sunday, and the human spirit was alive and kicking up there.  If you have any doubt, you can get a full infusion via comments and recollections on the discussion board.
It doesn’t feel possible to reflect on ALL of the great moments—from the PR’s, to the triumphant missed attempts, to the tears of joy and disappointment.  There were far too many, and I would certainly leave people out.  Suffice it to say that the day was over-the-top fabulous, made possible by everyone who was involved.  Every single athlete and spectator had a place in making that day a crazy display of the human potential.  We all showed what can happen when people come together and push each other past perceived limitations.  We showcased the power of the TJ’s Gym community and all of the gifts within it.
TJ and I feel extremely grateful for all that this community has become.  We work ourselves ragged sometimes, as do so many of you, and it is the reward of days like Sunday that makes it all sustainable and worth everything we put into it.  We are especially thankful for the coaches who chose to judge ALL day on Sunday, despite the minimal pay and hard work.  You will not find a more dedicated group of coaches anywhere, and it is a vast understatement to say that we are lucky to have them. Many of them acknowledged that this was their way of giving back to the community–to the many people who have traveled far and wide to cheer them on in various CrossFit competitions.  Heartfelt thanks to Danny, Lisa, Yago, Toni, Deirdra, Leticia, Nicki, Gilly, Cory, Jess, and Bob.  Malia Joiner, Karen and Steve Johnson, Kathie Parsons, Evan Massey, and CJ Rendic also busted their butts as judges, counting reps and cheering on athletes throughout the day.  We are also beyond lucky to have people like Brian Doll (scoring system) and Joe Ball (Judge Master) in our midst.  We thank everyone who was at the Games volunteering, helping out athletes, taking pictures, shooting videos, and the list goes on.  Gilly, Cory, Evan, Jess, and Joe tirelessly worked set-up and clean-up duty like champions.  These are people I would lean on for anything in a time of need.
Thanks to our sponsors (the list is long and I don’t want to leave out any of them) for believing that TJ’s Gym is a great forum for business exposure.  TJ will give a special tribute to sponsors in a different forum, so stay tuned.  Two extra special sponsors I’d like to highlight here are Parallel Advisors (The Rendic and Schutt Families) who provided the great judge and competitor t-shirts, and Marin Dental Wellness (The Smith Family) who made it possible for us to have DJ Alex in the house all day long.  THANK YOU!!!!!!
To our partners in Novato, Karen and Andy, thanks for your unbridled enthusiasm for the crew up north and for all you contribute to TJ’s Gym.  Andy brought the Games to a whole other level PR-wise, by soliciting sponsorships and creating relationships with businesses far and wide.  There are plenty of people in northern Marin who are better for having the Boones in their lives.
Thanks to Mill Valley partner (and SR/CM coach) and superstar, Marcus, who manned the scoring station all day.   He is the man behind the programming of TJ’s Gym, and through his vision and his pursuit of knowledge and excellence, he makes us all better athletes and fitter people, workout after workout.  He is dedicated to his craft and to everyone he coaches, and we all benefit from his passion and commitment.
When I programmed the workouts for Sunday’s Games, my intent was to challenge those of you who have worked hard to attain and master high-level skills, while also allowing newcomers and less skilled athletes to complete the workouts and to experience a balance of challenge and success.  As I prepared for Sunday, part of me wondered if I had pushed the envelope, but you all demonstrated that we have an amazing group of veterans and newbies in this crew, and you rose to the occasion.  Each year’s Games has a slightly different emphasis in programming, but the goal is to test as many facets of fitness as possible.  I am open to feedback if you have any.
I’ll end here:  If you ever find yourself hovering in that area of uncertainty about whether or not to take a risk or accept a challenge that will take you out of your comfort zone, GO FOR IT.  If you need references who can tell you what it is that makes the risk worthwhile, I have 98 athletes and countless more spectators who could offer their perspective.  I dare say that even the competitors who didn’t perform as well as they would have liked on Sunday would tell you to go for it.  What happens in that zone outside of comfort is the stuff that allows for self-reflection, affects change, and generally makes us better people.  I am certain that the next time our Lyle finds herself in a situation requiring inner strength and forcing her to deal with nerves, she will draw from the experience of singing to that crowd on Sunday and will know that she can take on far more than she might otherwise believe.
Allison Belger
TJ’s Gym


A. Power Snatch.OHS – 1.3 ; rest 2mins; 3 sets

B. 15 min AMRAP
3 Power Snatch
9 Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD

50 Burpees for time

50 Squats for time

Mobility WOD


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2 Responses to TJ’S Gym WOD for Thurs. Oct. 27th

  1. Sandra Miller says:

    Dear Allison,
    How beautiful it was seeing the video of Lyle singing her heart out and reading your comments afterwards. I love having your mom sending me updates on all of you and seeing the excitement of what you and TJ are accomplishing in your lives.
    Love, Sandy

    • tjsgym says:

      I just saw your note. Thank you so much for the nice comment! Lyle is a champ!
      Thanks for keeping up to date with our happenings.
      I hope you are well.
      Much love,

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