TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Oct. 21st

There are no classes, Barbell Club or Kids classes this Sunday. Everyone will be at the Novato Gym for the TJ’s Games.  Get your butt up there and watch the Fire rain down!

Don’t forget about open gym in SR tomorrow from 4-5:15pm.  I have a feeling I know what you will all be working on.

If you are competing on Sunday, you need to get on the discussion board and REPLY ALL to the thread where wods are posted and tell us if you are going Rx’d or Scaled, by 8am Friday morning. If you don’t, we will choose for you and you will not be able to switch, because we need to plan heats for the 95 athletes who are competing.  How great is that?


4 Sets
A1. AMRAP Push Up; rest 0 sec (Games Competitors only do 10-15 reps fast)
A2. 20 KBS Unbroken; rest 2 mins (Games Competitors only do 15 reps at moderate weight, focus on speed)
*athlete can go up in weight each set

Push Jerk (105/70)

Mobility 10mins at end of class. Get Ready for a Big Sunday!!!!!

Out of Town WOD




Mobility WOD


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