TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Oct. 3rd

For those of you who don’t know her, this is Margie.  You’ve probably heard quite a bit about her around the gyms.  She came to me as a personal training client a long time before CrossFit came into our lives.  She has become a close friend and an amazing supporter of our program.  She’s got a a lot going on these days, and I want this community to know about it.  Support comes in many different forms and the one I need from our group is to read something.  Please bookmark  Check in a couple of times a week and leave a quick note in the comments section when you check in.  That’s the kind of support she needs right now.

Happy Birthday, Marcus Filly!  So glad you walked through our doors when you did.  There are a lot of people in Marin county who are fitter and happier, thanks to you.

Marcus will be doing a Nutrition Talk in Mill Valley tomorrow night (Monday)  at 7pm so be sure to get over there.

TJ’s Games registration is coming up tomorrow.  Keep your eyes peeled for the link on tomorrow’s blog and discussion board.  $40 for registration and that will include your super cool TJ’s Games 2011 t-shirt. There will be 3-4 workouts for everyone and an one more for the finalists. There will be scaled and anything-goes categories.  We will have lots of prizes and surprises, too.


4 sets
A1. 2 Push Press.3 Push Jerk (2 push press followed by 3 push jerks); rest 15
A2. 20 Anchored Sit Ups (as fast as possible); rest 90-120sec

3 Rounds
15 Calories (row/air dyne)
15 DB push press (40/25)
35 double under

Out of Town WOD

6 Rounds
25 Situps
15 Pushups
35 double under

Mobility WOD

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