TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. Sept. 29th

Yes.  Rae’s hair matches her shirt.  Good stuff up the Tucky.  She is now known as BluRae.

Dear Members,


TJ has kindly given me the opportunity to write to you on the blog tonight. The purpose is to help give you some insight into how we go about programming workouts for you each week. This post will be less about the details of each workout, and more about the broad strokes that go into designing a fitness program for our gym. Some very basic principles underlie every workout that we coach you through.


The first principle is the most important: To maintain the safety of our members.  Good coaching, as well as an informed athlete, always makes for the safest training environment. However, the workout itself can be programmed in such a way to minimize the inherent risks.  The primary thinking behind this is that we want you to be healthy, active and well for the rest of your lives.

Next, I always try to challenge and improve your fitness in all areas. In order to accomplish this monumental task, there is a long list of things that need to be addressed. My philosophy is that we must find BALANCE in all of those areas. Some of the ways I try to ensure balance is by looking at a given week of workouts and checking to see that I have the following variables covered:



1-2 short workouts (<10 min), 2-3 medium workouts (10-15 min), and 1-2 long workouts (20min+)



Balance of pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, single leg, endurance, and skills. I focus on not overloading particular joints or movement patterns.



Heavier workouts balanced out with lighter workouts. Days with no weights and days with lots of weights.


Skill/Strength vs Timed

Days focused on skills and lifting without time pressure, and days with just timed WODs



Familiar movements balanced with unfamiliar movements.  Technical movements balanced with non-technical movements.


CrossFit has opened our eyes to some incredible concepts, opportunities and experiences. I appreciate CrossFit for everything that it is at its core. CrossFit is about getting really strong just as it is also about getting a better Fran, Helen, or Murph time. CrossFit is about improving your skills like handstands, pistols or double unders. It is about becoming good at a great many things. One guiding principle of CrossFit is to aim to be good at everything and perhaps not great at any one thing. Many of the “things” on that list require focused time and basic strength training progressions while others require that you say 3, 2, 1, go and just hit it. Our mission is to get you as fit as we can across many domains.  When you combine fitness with solid lifestyle choices, you will almost certainly achieve your goals.


The last and final piece that goes into programming is the notion of FUN! For me, practicing heavy snatches (even when they land on my head) is fun. For you, maybe Helen is your cup of tea. For someone else, maybe they love Murph. But doing what is fun, or your favorite, every day will not get you fit. It will just get you good at a few things. I don’t love to run, but I do it because it makes me healthier and fitter overall. I don’t love 20min AMRAPs but I do them because they make me healthier and fitter overall. This concept applies to the competitive athlete in the same way it applies to the recreational CrossFitter, the brand new CrossFitter and the CrossFitter who is just starting to become active again after years of inactivity. There has to be a balance in order for all of us to keep our bodies and minds healthy.


Ultimately, anything I do for my fitness is fun because I love being fit. I hope that being fit for you is more fun than being unfit. We are all tied together by this great place called TJ’s Gym. It is full of amazing people that we get to work out with everyday. That makes fitness fun.


CrossFit is not entirely the same as it was 10 years ago. It is evolving. Therefore, our gym is evolving. We are learning more all the time and we are doing our best to offer you the most effective ways to get fit while continuing to improve, stay safe and have fun.  We will continue to do our best for as long as you keep coming through the doors.





Power Snatch Technique

5 Rounds
3min AMRAP
3 Power Snatch
5 Burpees
1min Rest

Out of Town WOD

5 Rounds
3min AMRAP
3 Handstand Pushups
5 Burpees
1min Rest

Mobility WOD


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