TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Sept. 26th

We haven’t done it for awhile but it’s time to bring back the TJ’s Blog “Face of the Year” contest.  Chris G. is looking for a victory here.  He isn’t holding anything back.  This is the After-Being-Chased-by-a-grizzly-bear-for-a-mile-and-finding-yourself-trapped-against-aglacier-wall-you-turn-and-scream”Bring it on!”-look.  I think he nailed it.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read our email newsletter .  For those of you who completed the survey that was in the same, we are really grateful, as the information your responses provided will allow us to improve our program for everyone.  If you haven’t yet, please do so–there is no date after which your input wouldn’t be helpful!

The feedback we received was mostly positive, but we also got great suggestions and have already started implementing many of them.  Our shipment of new equipment for San Rafael is set to arrive on October 10th, so for those of you wondering about that, you now have a date.  Our website guru, Stefan, is working as I type to get coaches names on our website schedules.  This will allow you to see who coaches which classes on a regular basis.  Please be prepared for substitutions on occasion, but more often than not,  you can expect to see the coach whose name is on the schedule.

Tomorrow I will have a few words about programming, as this was something address quite often in the comments section of the survey.  We will begin implementing some of those suggestions as well.  We are always striving to make this the best community in the world, so please don’t wait for another survey to come out and give your suggestions.  The door is always open.

Thanks again.

**For the remainder of our current TJ’s Kids session (ends October 30th), we will not be offering the 11:15 class for ages 4-6 on Sundays in San Rafael.  However, we WILL continue to have the 11:50 class for ages 6-10.  


A1. DB Split Squat; 8 Reps/leg @ 30X0 (tempo is critical, no pauses); 4 sets
A2. Ring Row; AMRAP; 4 sets
*rest as needed
*Split Squat – performed with front foot 3 feet away from box, rear foot elevated approx 16″, rear knee must drop and touch the floor. lower down in 3 seconds and come up fast. no pausing at all during the movement. find the heaviest weight you can perform correctly for 8 reps.

Split Squat Levels – 8 Reps at 30X0
Level 1 (beginner)- Bodyweight
Level 2 (intermediate) – 40#/20# DB in each hand
Level 3 (advanced) – 1/3 BW DB in each hand
Level 4 (elite) – 1/2 BW DB in each hand

B. For Low Score & Time
Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squat (4 mins)
(must hold bottom of squat during 10 sec rest period)
1 mile Run
(run begins immediately after final 10sec rest period)

Out of Town WOD

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squat (4 mins)
(must hold bottom of squat during 10 sec rest period)
1 mile Run
(run begins immediately after final 10sec rest period)

Mobility WOD


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