TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. Sept. 24th

Dina not only lifts heavy objects over her head with reckless abandon but she also went to high school with Dr. Allison back in suburban New York.  How’s that for a coinkidink.

Ok, Paleo Challenge is officially on like Donkey Kong.  I want to hear about your successes and failures on the dboard on a daily basis.  It makes for a good laugh because I’m sadistic like that.

Don’t forget about the Paleo Chit Chat next Thursday at 7:30 at the SR gym.  I’m going to discuss some basics , some not so basics and tips and tricks for sticking with your plan.

This is an example to what science can do to the human body.  Yes, he is on every drug known to man.  Yes, he’s a freak but holy crap, it is flat out amazing what the human body is capable of.


Teams of three with same strength level

1.  In six minutes perform one minute at each station, rotating on the minute at each station.  Score as Max Reps

Rest 3 min

Squat Cleans, Burpees, Handstand Hold (subject a points for every second not in hold position)

2.  200m Sprint Relay.  Max sprints in 6 minutes.  One runner at a time per team.  No Rowing!  Sub Airdyne, 20 cals.

Rest 3 min

3.  In six minutes perform max KB swings and max hollow rocks.  Only one KB per team.

Out of Town WOD

1 Hill Sprint, 10 Burpees

2 Hill Sprints, 8 Burpees

3 Hill Sprints, 6 Burpees

4 Hill Sprints, 4 Burpees

5 Hill Sprints, 2 Burpees

Mobility WOD


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