TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Sept. 23rd, 2011

Big props to Lisa Hines who completed the Tough Mudder a couple of weeks ago.  By herself!  I don’t have the exact number but Lisa is down probably around 30 pounds from when she started a year ago.  And she’s up lots of smiles!  Lisa is incredible and is a great example of how a positive attitude and lots of perseverance pays off.

Heads up that you should have received our latest TJ’s Gym newsletter in your email last night.  Please take a minute to read it.  There is a survey here and in the email as well.  Please fill it out and help us improve  your experience at TJ’s.

Did your grandfather fight in WWII?  Guess what, you’re not as fit as he was.  Art of Manliness (brought to my attention by Brian Doll).


Push Press.Push Jerk – 2.2; 5 sets; rest 2mins
*perform 2 push press, then 2 push jerks without resting the bar down.


5 Rounds
3 Press
6 Push Press
9 Push Jerk
15 Sit Ups
15 Air Squats
*choose a weight that will challenge your Press

Side Plank Finisher; 60sec x2/side

Out of Town WOD

Flight Simulator

5 Unbroken Double Unders

10 Unbroken DU’s

15 Unbroken DU’s

You cannot increase to the next level until you have gone unbroken at current level.  Increase by five reps up to 45 Unbroken.  Then climb back down.  Max time is 12 minutes

Mobility WOD


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