TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Sept. 20th, 2011

Hanging around in Mill Valley.

We are announcing the next Paleo Challenge.  This is NOT our 8-week program with all the bells and whistles (body fat testing, support groups, etc.).  That will come in January.  This one is FREE!  It starts this Friday, September 23rd and ends conveniently on October 23rd, the day of the TJ’s Games.  Here’s how it works.  You choose your style and announce your punishment for straying or your reward to yourself for success, all on the discussion board. Please post what you are going to do individually and how are you going to stay motivated.   Ex:  I am going to be perfect six days a week, then blow the doors off for one day a week.  I will post my weight-loss numbers (or food choices or performance at the gym) weekly and if I cheat on a non- cheat day I will not get my toes done all month. If I succeed, I will go to a spa for the day.  Something like that.

I will also be giving a Paleo/Tips and Tricks chat Thursday, September 29th in San Rafael at 7:30pm.

Our new Skill Development program is up and running. From now on, when you come to Skill Dev classes in any location, you will do a different workout from the one programmed for the regular classes.  Our Skill Dev programming is geared toward beginners and will get your body ready for everything you will do in regular classes.  You will also have hard workouts, don’t worry! They will just be different.  We are on  a 4-week cycle for this programming (created by Coach Calen, by the way), so if you come for more than 4 weeks, you will see that the programming repeats.  We HIGHLY encourage beginners to come to these classes, and we discourage you grizzled vets from doing so for more than a 4-week cycle.  This applies to ALL SKILL DEV CLASSES EXCEPT FOR FRIDAYS IN CORTE MADERA.  The Friday 10am in Corte Madera, although it is a Skill Dev class, will use the same programming as other classes for that day, with an emphasis on learning the movements and a slightly slower pace.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

With my guidance, Heidi G is taking over the programming on, and it’s now updated.  Expect workouts to get you that damn pullup because you want it, and this program works!


Open Gym – Wall Walks, Double Unders, Max Box Jump

15 Min AMRAP
3 Wall Walks
12 Box Jumps (30/24)
24 Double Unders

Out of Town WOD
15 Min AMRAP
3 Wall Walks
12 Box Jumps (30/24)
24 Double Unders

Mobility WOD


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