TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Sept. 6th, 2011

Not sure of what to bring to a fellow CrossFitter’s wedding.  Mary and Jamie have got you covered.

We’ve got a tester/retester week ahead of us.  These workouts have been around before and will come back again.  Write it down!

New date for the TJ’s Games–Sunday, October 23rd, so you now have an extra day to train!  With the Games drawing closer, and in response to some requests for longer metcons, we will be including more tester workouts that will allow athletes to demonstrate performance in workouts that are often longer and do not include rest periods.  As a rule, training these longer tester workouts day in and day out is not the best way to become fit, and doing so can often lead to injuries.  However, mixing more longer metcons into our programming for a certain time period makes sense for our population at this time, so we are giving it a try.  As always, our programming will include attention to strength development, flexibility and mobility work, and the development of gymnastics and other skills.  We welcome your feedback any time and hope to hear from you as to how the programming addresses your fitness goals.


3 Rounds
400m Run

21 KBS
21 Pull Ups

Rest 10 minutes
3 Minutes Max Shoulder to Overhead

Out of Town WOD
3 Rounds
400m Run
12 Burpees
21 Pull Ups

Mobility WOD


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