TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Aug. 29th, 2011

Danny getting more love on the CrossFit Games site.  This time it’s an in-depth interview.

We’ve added a new class to the OUTFit Schedule.  8:30am Saturdays in San Anselmo at Memorial Park, starting this Saturday.  It doesn’t cost anything extra, just counts as another class.  The exact location will be announced in the next couple of days (which section of the park).  The class will be a spin-off of the indoor Saturday programming–some gear will be involved.  The 31 Heroes WOD will also be going on this Saturday at all 4 gyms.  It’s for a great cause, so please sign up.

Speaking of signing up, get ready for the TJ’s Games. Saturday, October 22nd.  We will have scaled and prescribed categories. It will be a great day for our community, and you don’t want to miss it!

Teen and kids fall session starts THIS WEEK! Please email to register your little and not-so-little ones. is the contact email address for people who want to join our program and schedule an intro.  THANKS!!!


4 sets
A1. 20 Heavy Walking Lunges Steps; 20X0; rest 30sec
A2. Front Leaning Rest (on floor or rings); 30-50sec; rest 60sec

4 Sets for Max Reps
45sec – KBS
15sec – Rest
45sec – Air Squat
15sec – Rest
45sec – Row/Airdyne
1:15 – Rest

*15 mins for Strength
*15 mins for metcon

Out of Town WOD

4 Sets for Max Reps
45sec -Burpees
15sec – Rest
45sec – Air Squat
15sec – Rest
45sec -Sprint
1:15 – Rest

Mobility WOD


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