TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Aug. 22nd, 2011

Big weekend for a few TJ’s Gymer’s.  Dylan and Paul attacked CrossFit 707’s Fran Off while being coached by Head Shrinker extraordinaire  Megz Kaden.  While Dave Zeff and Coach Boyd wrestled with the Lalanne Fitness Throwdown.  I had Cory and Dylan give a quick synopsis of both.

“The Nines”
As many rounds as possible in 9 minutes:
9 Squat Snatch 135/95
9 Squat Clean
9 Overhead Squat
9 Shoulder to Overhead

Against a 10 minute clock:
100 Double Unders
Sandbag Run 75/40
Max Rep Plate Burpee 45/25

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes:
Kipping Pull-Ups (Chin over the bar)

Lalanne’s new space is intimate and beautiful. Plenty of open space for barbell moves and stuff with a pretty sweet custom pull up rig.

My goal for the first WOD was to pace the whole thing and resist the urge to try to touch n’ go the snatches, which I knew would cause me to red line.  Secondary goal was zero missed reps.  I finished with 1 full round, 9 snatches and 9 cleans, with both goals accomplished ( solid working pace at about 85%, zero no reps), which was good enough for a 4-way tie at 23rd place out of 49 athletes.  I was very excited about this.  I was able to get a station right next to Zeff, who I know is a pace master, and basically just tried to keep pace with Dave.  He ended up with 1 round, 9 snatches, and and I think 5 cleans.  This WOD was just crushing on the legs.

WOD 2 made me super nervous.  I knew it was not up my alley and I just wanted to not be “that guy” in my heat (the waaaaay behind guy…) I wanted to have 3 minutes or so to do the burpees with a goal of 30 reps.  T’was not to be. Took me almost 5 minutes to do my double unders (apparently my rope is too long, according to several athletes who talked to me afterwards), so I was toiling by myself in the gym for a good 3 minutes before getting to the (HORRID) sandbag run (750m!), and had only 1:30 to do my burpees, mustering a paltry 15. That result put me dead last for the event by a good 8 reps, thus ending my hopes for a middle of the pack finish. Dave crushed this one turning in a powerful 28 burpees.

WOD 3 saw Dave and I sitting neck and neck at 38th and 39th place after the first two events.  My goal was to get 50 reps. I was going to do sets of 10, come off the bar, take 2 deep breaths, and get back on the bar, and repeat until I got no repped, after which I would drop to 3’s. SO, the clock starts, I jump up on the bar, get 1 good rep, and 2 no reps! My Kipping rythym was funky so I hopped off, reset, and went back to work. My Kip started clicking and I got to 10 reps, panicked a little due to my shaky start, and just kept going…27 reps later without coming off the bar, I felt my right palm start to tear and snapped back to my plan, and hopped off the bar. By that time, my arms were pretty gummy and I was barely getting 4 or 5 reps at a time, with my palm tearing more and more. I ended up trying to get to 50 hanging from my fingers, but without the help of my forearm muscles I wasn’t able to get my chin far enough over the bar past 1 rep at a time. I ended up with 46 reps and a patch of raw skin on my palm. Yuck.  Dave beasted out and got a nice hunky, even 60! I love that guy!

So all told, though we both represented really well compared to our current and respective training volume and consistency (minus 50% of our DU’s!), neither of us made the “final WOD” (a muscle up/heavy thruster combo for 5 minutes). I placed 40th of 49, with a clear and obvious lesson in needing better double unders, and Dave placed 32nd out of 49. The Ol’ War Horse can still get it done! Had tons of fun watching some awesome CrossFitters (Gary and Chad from Rocklin, Dusty from San Ramon, Brian Huberty, Kaiser and Ben from Diablo, and some WAY badass ladies, too).


From Dylz:

What happened to me?  I used to like weekends because they provided the opportunity to sleep in and devour stuffed French toast while watching Young Guns II.

Now I love weekends because I get to wake up at 7am, to make a 45 minute drive to lift heavy stuff until I think I’m going to puke and then die.

Megan, Paul and I met at Kara Purves gym in Benecia yesterday to tackle Fran (actually Megan came to coach which was much needed for me).  I hate Fran.  Killed me on my birthday (21 minutes) and I have not done it since. I don’t think I’m alone in this hate.

After some warm ups and pep talk.  I headed in.  It was terrible.  After 10 thrusters I started to freak out a bit, thinking “I have way too many left”, but I kept going.  I turned to Megan in the last round of Thrusters and said “Megan this really hurts”. She nodded and said “I know”.  Thank god for Coach K, wish she was going to have a men’s group!

Finished in 13:30, and was über bummed.  Fran is as much mental for me, and I had my heart set on a sub 10 minutes.  However a 7 minute PR is a little bit of an improvement.  There are a lot of things I do better in life at than Crossfit, but few communities I enjoy more.

Watching Paul bust out a sub five minute Fran in the moments that followed blew me away.  Every bit of him went into that number, from the first Thrusters on it was Irish go time.  He definitely drop kicked the Murphy out of Fran.

Also we saw a Pregnant gal hit 7:30 rx and Kara herself w/ a hangover PR’d.

I don’t miss the stuffed French, but perhaps if Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” came on during the ’15’ round I might have shaved a few seconds off my time.

Well done to all of you.  I will be guest coaching out at Xfit 707 in Benicia this Saturday at 8 and 9am so why don’t we get a crowd and head on over.  We will then be heading back over the bridge to attend the 2011 Redwood Empire Championships to watch Danny, Marcus and maybe a few other TJ’s Gymers do some snatching and cleaning.  It’s at a park with bbq facilities and great places for the kids to run around.  Bring the family and let’s have a good showing.  I’ll be posting more info later this week.


A. Snatch Practice – Full Snatch Technique work for veterans. Power Snatch.OHS Practice for others. Only increase weight if you can keep good technique.

3 Rounds for time
10 DB Snatches R
10 DB Snatches L
20 Hollow Rocks

Out of Town WOD

3 Rounds for time

10 Pushups with right leg raised

10 Pushups with left leg raised

20 Hollow Rocks

Mobility WOD

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  1. Alan Bear says:

    What is a hollow rock?

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