TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Aug. 9th, 2011

When it came time for me write this recap I had the hardest time recapping.  I finally figured out that I didn’t want to write about the weekend.  I wanted to write about this team of ours.  Here it goes


I dare anyone to find a weakness in Lisa’s game.  She is strong, fast and coordinated.  If she wanted to she could make some serious noise as an individual competitor.  She likes to beat herself up over flaws in her game but isn’t that what the best in any sport do?  She’s rarely satisfied and her competitive streak is ten feet deep and a mile wide.  She lives for this stuff.  She thrives off of it.  Her defining moment for me was watching her do team Amanda with Danny at Regionals.  About ten days before they went after the workout it it took almost 25 minutes.  She struggled on the muscle ups even though she could do all of them.  You could see the doubt in her face and she started  becoming emotional.  Together with Marcus, she created a plan.  Every fifteen seconds she would attempt a rep.  Doing a workout with Danny is enough to make anyone nervous.  Marcus signaled Lisa when she should attempt her muscle ups,  but he pulled a fast one on her.  He had her going every ten seconds instead of every 15.  What resulted was a first-place NorCal finish in arguably one of the toughest couplets in CrossFit.  Lisa is an amazing athlete, but maybe more importantly she would do ANYTHING for this team and this community.


What a year for Jess so far.  Bought a house and moved her man in.  Got through the Open with a lot of pressure on her shoulders and had some ghosts of Games past hanging over her head going into competition.  I knew that all eyes would be on Danny during the Clean workout.  They wouldn’t be watching our girl who, I believe, might be one of the strongest women in team competition.  Only a few women out Thrustered her at Regionals.  When it came time for her to show, up she did.  After conquering her absolute fear of those rope climbs she stepped up and rocked a 185-lb clean.   At every event we go to Jess shows up with a note or a gift for the team that comes from her heart.  She has been a competitor her whole life and anyone who has had the pleasure of being on her team or coaching her will tell you that she is team first, all else second.  We have reminisced about the day that I first met her  outside of Lululemon, where she was working at the time, and she always thanks me for that meeting.  I want to thank her for being such an important part of this journey.


When the rope climbs started I have to be honest, I couldn’t take my eyes off of my wife.  She went up and down that frickin rope like a demon.  She has never climbed a rope in a workout, just because there’s always so much else to do, not the right pants, other stuff to work on, etc.   This workout was no joke.  She was way the eff up there and then again, and again.  At one point she was framed at the top of the rope with the crowd behind her in this beautiful stadium and I got choked up.  Probably one percent of the population gets to experience anything like this at this level of competition and there she was.  I literally thought to myself  “Thank god for video because in ten years our kids are never going to believe this.”  Regardless of the fact that it wasn’t our best event in terms of placement, I will never forget that moment.  I will also never forget her busting her butt on that second row in the Regionals workout, almost holding off a MUCH younger and MUCH bigger man on the team who ended up winning that event.  She brought the house down with her toes-to-bar in the Regionals chipper, and throughout competition season Allison proved over and over again that she not only was worthy of being on this team but was a solid contributor.   This  mom of two, gym owner/writer/Psychologist to hundreds and motivator to thousands brought strength and courage to this team that can’t be defined by a clock or reps or sets.  She had a role on the team as defacto organizer, communicator and well, team mom in some circumstances.  One thing is for sure, she would bleed, break herself, and take on anything for this team.


Hang Power Clean
3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Deadlift (95/65)
Hang Power Clean
Push Press

Out of Town WOD


Box Jump

Walking Lunges


5 Burpees on the minute

Mobility WOD


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