TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Aug. 8th, 2011

I’m finally getting to my Games-rundown posts.  I have to start things off with the Gruesome Twosome and the Queen of Volunteers.

Andy was asked if he’d like to “help out” down at the Games.  This guy was asked to fill sandbags, build pullup rigs, monitor athletes swim tests, move gear, check in athletes, personally test workouts that the athletes were going to perform, and who knows what else, all between Monday and Thursday.  When Thursday night rolled around Dave Castro casually mentioned that Andy would be running all track workouts for the Games, individuals and teams.  He was filling me and Joe in with all of this information at the bar in our hotel on Thursday night at about 11pm after he’d been at the HDC since 6am.  He casually turned to Joe and said “So, we need to be there tomorrow at 6am.”  Joe, who up until this point was thinking that he was going to be enjoying adult beverages with me for three days, blinked twice , took a breath and said, “Ok.”

You don’t mess with perfection,  and we all know how perfectly the greatest Regional in the world ran out of NorCal with Andy running the show and Joe managing the masses.  CrossFit isn’t stupid and getting the Boone/Ball combo mob bossing the track was a no-brainer.

There was only one piece missing.  Lisa S was hit or miss as to whether she was going to make it down for the Games.  When Andy’s text on Wed that read “GET DOWN HERE NOW!” came through, the deal was sealed.  I never could imagine that Lisa would be sitting next to me in the tent or in the stadium.  That would be the perfect definition for waste of talent.  The track workouts wrapped on Saturday with Lisa working shoulder to shoulder with the boys.  They ran  beautiful events Friday and Saturday, putting hundreds of athletes through workouts even though major decisions were being changed minutes before events started.  Hundreds of athletes, ten-thousand live spectators, and who knows how many thousands online watched the whole thing unfold without a single glitch.  After Andy and Joe wrapped up, Lisa was called into the stadium with the something to the effect of a “You’re not going anywhere” command from high up.  She spent Saturday night and Sunday essentially on the stadium floor being the right hand woman for the head honchos.  Once again,  they’re not dumb over there at HQ.

So to kick this first night off I want to say Congratulations to you three.  I know for a fact that it wouldn’t have seemed so effortless without you guys.

Tomorrow: Day One-Sandbags , First Place in the world and Human Trafficking.

The Relay for Life Event happened last weekend, as well.  As you can tell, I’m running about a week behind.  You’ve got Beqir, Boomer and Calen in this pic during the Bra Decorating Contest and I tell you what, these boys would be a big hit at Gay Pride and I’m speaking from experience.

Here is a quick note from Event Coordinator and TJ’s Gymer Kandi Blomquist.

A most sincere thank you to all of the TJer’s who took time to come out, to donate, and to lend support on behalf of fighting cancer in our community. TJ’s Virtual Blue Beasts are showing over $500 raised on the website with additional money being raised by Coach Calen, Boomer McCann, and Begir Gjoka during the Men’s Bra contest! The event is currently at $125K raised so far with fundraising continuing through August 31. The pictures here only begin to scratch the surface of what an amazing, caring, fun weekend the event was! One thing is for sure, TJ’s men definitely rep’d it well!!!  Many blessings and gratitude to all of you. Kandi

This is such an important event and organization.  We need to get that number way over $500.  Here is the link and let’s make some noise there.

TJ’s Womens Groups is meeting Monday night at 6:45pm in SR.


5 Sets @ High Effort (95%)
6  Heavy Jerks Touch and Go (TnG)
9 Box Jumps
250m Run
Rest 3 mins

Out of Town WOD

5 Sets
6  Handstand or Downward Dog Pushups
9 Box Jumps
250m Run
Rest 3 mins

Mobility WOD


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