TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Aug. 5th, 2011

Bon Journo from Spencer Stuart in Lucca , Italy.

This post couldn’t have been written any earlier.  This was a rough week for me mentally, emotionally and physically.  It was very funny to be around a table of 16 people Sunday night after the games and watch the competitor side of the table laugh, yell, drink and generally enjoy themselves, while the support side of the table looked like extras out of a zombie movie.  We, the cheering section, were destroyed.  Three days of beer, screaming, tequila, supporting, Jack and generally making as much of a spectacle of ourselves left us as roadkill.

I’m not going to lie, Tuesday was rough.  I was flat out depressed.  My classes were low energy and I fell asleep at every stop sign. It wasn’t because of how we did but because of the absolute overload of what had happened.  It was over.   It was the end of an incredibly long and arduous journey.   I couldn’t actually listen to anybody about anything until Wednesday.  I spoke to the key players in my life and it wasn’t until then that the clouds started to part.  I read the dboard posts, I started to pay attention to what everyone was saying in the gyms.  Finally this morning I was able to take it all in and I give all of you the credit for bringing me back.

Right now you are the proudest community in the world.  At least that’s what your telling me in your emails, texts, phone calls and in person.  You are strutting around town with your blue on and daring people to ask you something, anything about your gym.  You are gloating on Facebook and Twitter.  You are receiving congratulatory messages from CrossFitters and Non CrossFitters alike about how kick-ass your community is.  That’s what we are isn’t it?  Sure our team of six individuals went out and tore the roof off of the HDC but it wasn’t just them.  It was every single one of us, screaming, yelling, jumping up and down.  And that was just those of you watching it on ESPN.  Our appreciation for you is ,needless to say, undeniable.  As a community you are more than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you, thank you , thank you.

I can’t say enough about the horde that made the trip.  You are an amazing group and I can’t believe how many of you made it down.  It was Lollapalooza meets the Olympics.  Every time I turned around there was another familiar face, and how great a feeling that was.  Every single one of you brought something to this weekend that I will never forget.  I am not exaggerating a when I say that we couldn’t have done it without you.

You willed a portion of your community to heights we never thought imaginable.  There will be many more events that will require us to come together to reach a goal.  This time was the CrossFit Games but the next time it might be much closer to home and maybe an entirely different circumstance but  I know that when it happens, you will swoop in and save the day like you always do.

Thank God I’m part of you Big Blue


3 Sets for Max Reps
60sec – DB Thrusters
60sec – Rest
60sec – KB SDHP
60sec – Rest
60sec – Double Unders
60sec – Rest
60sec – Push Ups
60sec – Rest
60sec – Row/Airdye
120sec – Rest

Tabata Hollow Rocks

Out of Town Workout

60 Sec. Sprint

60 Sec. Rest

60 Sec. Pushups

60 Sec. Rest

60 Sprint

60 Sec. Squats

60 Sec. Rest

60 Sec. Sprint

60 Sec. Rest

60 Sec. Situps

60 Sec. Rest

3 rds

Mobility WOD


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