TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. July 22nd, 2011

Mary and Jamie teaching them a thing or two about hook grips up in the Great White North.  The weird thing is that this picture was taken at 2:30am.

Samantha’s got a new party trick and it’s called a pullup.  Congratulations!  Have you got one of those?

The countdown to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA has begun.  For those of you who don’t yet know, our TJ’s Gym Affiliate team came in first place at the NorCal Regionals, earning a chance to compete at the worldwide CrossFit Games next week.  44 out of thousands of teams made it to this level, and we are one of them.  It is a testament to our entire community that we will be competing next week, and there is no doubt that each one of us has something to do with our team’s success.

Deirdra Rodgers, our fabulous Master’s class coach, came in second place worldwide in the CrossFit Open in the over-60 division.  She will also be competing in Carson and has also already made us all proud!

It is highly unusual for us to cancel classes on our schedules, but, due to the number of coaches who will be in Carson next week, we will need to cancel a small number of classes over the course of the week.  Below are the classes that will NOT be held. If a class is not listed below, you can expect it to be happening.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during this exciting time for our community.

Thursday, July 28th  6:30 PM TEAM in San Rafael
Thursday, July 28th 6:00 PM in Novato
Thursday, July 28th 5:00 PM in Corte Madera


Saturday, July 30th 9:00am in Novato
Saturday, July 30th 8:30am in Corte Madera
Saturday, July 30th 8:00 am On-Ramp in Mill Valley will be held at 10:45 am
Saturday, July 30th 9:30 am Mill Valley

Monday, August 1st  10:00am Corte Madera
Monday, August 1st 5:45am Mill Valley
Monday, August 1st 9:15am Mill Valley


A1. Bulgraian Split Squat 30X0; 8-12 reps; 3 sets; rest 45 sec
A2. L-Sit (on floor) Dumbbell Press; 20X1; 8-12 reps; 3 sets; rest 45 sec

50m Walking Lunge
4 Rounds
100m Farmers Carry (40/25)
15 DB Push Press (40/25)
50m Walking Lunge

Out of Town WOD
50m Walking Lunge
4 Rounds
100m Farmers Carry (carry something heavy in each hand)
15 Downward Dog Handstand Pushups (keeping your elbows in!)
50m Walking Lunge

Mobility WOD


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