TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. July 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago I had Alexia Moore up on the blog.  Andy is her husband and they are both back rocking Marin and performing like champs.

I’m inspired to write tonight about “The Work.”  The Work is the stuff your gym does for you that you don’t even see or know about.  The constant updating of programs, facilities and experiences that our athletes will, hopefully, one day use to help make themselves better.  It’s shocking the conversations that I have with your coaches on a daily basis.  The new way to teach a clean, why we shouldn’t use negatives for pullups in a metcon, how to better inform newbies about policies, where to postition yourself as a coach to better help someone on their overhead squat, moving the racks from one end of the gym to the other for better flow of the room.

It’s a solid guess that we’ve had eyes on athletes at all of our locations for more than 50,000 hrs.  We breathe, sweat and live coaching and all the aspects surrounding it.  While many people claim to be experts on many things it really comes down to experience.  You can be the gung ho , new kid on the block but here is the deal.  Enthusiasm will only get you so far.  What if you had the same enthusiasm and mix it in with more experience than anyone else.  That’s a winner right there.  And that is what you get everyday when you walk into one of our gyms.  If you think you’ll get it somewhere else, well, you’re mistaken.  I don’t usually toot our own horn but this can’t be denied any longer.

Take a minute to read “Tips for Pressing Weight” before tomorrow’s workout


A1. Floor Press 20X0 x 8-10 reps; 4 sets; rest 1min
A2. Side Planks 45 sec/side; 4 sets; rest 1min

3 Rounds
20 KBS (70/53)
20 Burpees

Out of Town WOD

3 Rounds

30 Situps

20 Burpees

100m sprint

Mobility WOD


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