TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. July 11th, 2011

Jason Stirman is officially the first Mill Valley athlete.  How did he do it?  Just moved here from Texas where he was CrossFitting for over a year and signed right up after the intro.  He’ll be back from vacation on Tuesday so refer to him as #1 in your best Patrick Stewart accent (for non geeks see Captain of the Starship Enterprise from 87-94).

Congratulations to Nicki on her Muscle Up!

TJ’s Ladies Discussion Group will meet on Monday at 6:30pm at the San Rafael gym.  All women members are welcome. Come chit chat about all sorts of topics relevant to being a woman CrossFitter at TJ’s.

Top Five Reasons to Vary Tempo in Your Workouts from Charles Poliquin


A1. Bulgarian Split Squat @ 30X0; 6-8 reps; 4 sets; rest 90 sec
A2. Dips @ 21X1; 4-6 reps; 4 sets; rest 90 sec (these get weighted for athletes that need to be challenged)

4 Rounds
15 Unbroken Push Press (75/55)
15 Unbroken KBS (53/35)

Out of Town WOD

4 Rounds
15 Unbroken Push Ups (Switch to knees if you have to , make sure to use a modification where you can go unbroken)
15 Unbroken Jumping Lunges

Mobility WOD


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