TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. July 9th, 2011

Tracey has been working so hard her last few weeks.  This is a complete change for her and we are very excited to help her.  Great job Tracey and keep up the good work.

Two classes are now officially on summer hiatus–Toni’s Tuesday stretch class and the metcon moms on Wednesdays in San Rafael.  We will pick them up in the Fall.

TJ’s Ladies Discussion Group will meet on Monday at 6:30pm at the San Rafael gym.  All women members are welcome. Come chit chat about all sorts of topics relevant to being a woman CrossFitter at TJ’s.

Women and Muscle from Everyday Paleo


Your choice of 800m Run for time, 1000m Row for time or

“Flight Simulator”

5 Double Unders unbroken

10 Double Unders unbroken etc till you get to 35 then back down the ladder again.  They have to be unbroken.


“Burping Grace”

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

On the minute complete 3 Burpees

Out of Town Workout

Run 1 mile.  Every minute do 10 Squats on the minute until mile is completed.

Mobility WOD

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