TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. July 7th, 2011

TJ’s Tattoo’s are in stock.  Hollis got hers right before she goes back to San Quentin.  I hear it’s the look amongst kids these days.

Gut/Muffin Top Begone.

How are you feeling?  Seriously.  This matters when it comes to your health, performance and aesthetic.  Do you trigger?  Triggering is a reaction and for our intent and purposes of this discussion it is a negative reaction.  Here is how I break it down.  You are asked if you have turned in your project  by your boss and you hit the roof.  You might hit the roof internally or externally, but you hit it.  Your eyes dilate,  blood rushes to your face and your gut tells you to scream.  Whether you do or not, you’ve triggered.  And that’s no good.  When you react to something that is out of your control in a negative fashion you release the stress hormone cortisol along with  a number of other hormones that have no business being released at that time.  If you trigger regularly, everything from being asked to take the garbage out to someone cutting you off in traffic, you will see something interesting.  Belly fat.  That is one of the major indicators of someone who is releasing cortisol at the wrong times.  It comes from bad nutrition , bad sleep and bad stress.  All things that you have control over.  You can eat, sleep and deal better.  Trust me, I know.  If I’m talking to you I want you to try something.  If you’ve accepted the fact that you’re “trigger happy” and you want it to change try this.  First, don’t react.  At all.  Just press pause.  Remove yourself from the situation and put yourself in a balcony looking down on the situation.  Does this situation deserve a negative feeling?  Doubtful.  You need to deal with this thing as if you were an adult, not a child.  It doesn’t matter if you are internalizing this feeling or not, you’re feeling it and it’s probably something that doesn’t deserve the level of feeling you’re giving it.  This is a practice.  Something that you need to repeat over and over.  You’ll screw up.  A lot in the beginning, then you’ll bet better.  You can’t control the dude who cut you off, there is no reason to lose your cool when your kids spill their milk, for the third time…into your lap.  So pause, remove yourself, check it out from a different view and respond appropriately.  Now your on your way to getting rid of that gut or muffin top.  I’ll have more about begoning the gut/muffin top this week.

From T-Nation:

The Testosterone Principles

On Becoming Thor, Captain America, or Khal Drogo


A1. Press @ 12X3; 3-3-2-2-1-1
A2. Ring Row AMRAP @ 2020

7 Rounds
5 Dips
10 Wall Ball

Out of Town WOD

7 Rounds

10 Dips

10 Jumping Squats

Mobility WOD


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