TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. June 25th, 2011

You know you’ve made it when people visit your hometown in New Jersey to see where it all began.

This is from Jen and Lauren Sterne;

Lauren and I were in TJ’s old hood and snapped a few photos! We are off to get our spray on tans and nails done before heading down to the Jersey shore!

From your “jersey” girls jen and Lauren

Thanks so much girls, made my day.

Here’s to May Lou Miller , for getting her first effing pullup after trying for 4 years.  Yeeehaww!

Announcing our Women of TJ’s Gym Discussion Group.  We will meet monthly to discuss all things related to being a woman CrossFitter at TJ’s Gym. Topics will include nutrition, exercise physiology, relationships in and out of the gym, competing and competitiveness, etc.  Our first meeting will be Monday, July 11th at 6:30pm, either at the San Rafael gym or in someone’s home if it’s offered.  Our first meeting last fall was a huge hit, and we are finally getting this up and running, so don’t miss out.  The meeting will be facilitated by Dr. TJ’s Gym, Allison Belger, who happens to be a licensed psychologist.

Did you know we have Master’s classes for those of you who are over a certain age or just want to be around  people who are over a certain age?  They meet in San Rafael on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 pm.  Please spread the word!

Have you booked your hotel to Carson for the CrossFit Games yet?  Check out the events box on our home page for more info.  Come down and cheer on TEAM TJ, NorCal Regionals Champions! July 29-31.

We’ve got the Throwdown Series going on tomorrow in all the classes.  Sign up at and you could potentially win some cash or prizes.


RX: 4 min AMRAP:
4 Hang Squat Clean 165/110
5 Burpee
Rest 3min exactly6 min AMRAP:
4 OHS 135/95
12 Ring DipsRest 3min exactly3 min AMRAP:
Calorie Row
Registration for this event is open until Sunday, June 26th.  Don’t forget to post your results through the website before it closes. 

Out of Town WOD
RX: 4 min AMRAP:
24 Squats
5 BurpeeRest 3min exactly6 min AMRAP:
4 Forwards Rolls
12 Downward Dog or regular Handstand Pushups (elbows in)Rest 3min exactly3 min
Sprint for Distance
Mobility WOD

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