TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. June 11th, 2011

There are a few people that I need to personally thank for this past weekend.

Rick Goodrich, who I don’t have a picture of, might win MVP.  If you’ve read the discussion board this week you heard from Andy about this guy already.  He was so money.  Rick runs huge events and his expertise in this area was incredible.  The dude just knows this stuff.  Thanks so much Rick, you personally helped me immensely and you are due a ton of credit.

Jason Bannister and Jen Lutrell were my constant eyes on the competition.  All I did was repeat the information that they were giving me as my spotters.  They did way more work than I did.  Guys, I can’t thank you enough.

Steph Goldsborough was my information guru.  She gave me all the information I needed for upcoming heats, who was in them, what gym they were from , what order they were being placed on the stadium floor and hundreds of other little bits of info to make calling the event interesting.  You were a rock Steph.

Alicia Bannister was not only a volunteer extraordinaire, she was my personal nanny.  She got me anything and everything I needed.  Food, water, booze.  You name it.  She would get it to Jason and he would shove it into my hand.  Everytime I turned around she was there asking me what I needed.  You were my savior Alicia.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture of Steph but she is  probably pretty happy about that as we were all soaked to the bone.

All of you guys made me look good and contributed so much of your time and energy that I can’t thank you enough.  I am just happy that I got to be around you guys for a couple of days as much as I did.

Last but not least was Big Blue.  You guys were everywhere.  The sheer volume whenever TJ’s Gym was announced was so spectacular that it took me a minute to recover.  Rain or cold or crappy weather did not even put a dent into how impactful you guys were.  I would list you all personally but that would take hours.  You were incredible and it made me the proudest box owner there is.

Everyone on the team said the exact same thing, “it felt like our gym.”  The presence of Andy, Joe, Brian, Lisa, Steph, Jen, Jason, Ham, Megan, Rick, Heather, Jen and anyone else I’m forgetting brought the Regionals to our level.  A very high but very comfortable one.

From the idiot with the mike, all the way to the up to the big dogs at CrossFit and Reebok, I once again want to say thanks.

Way to go Blue.



“Venom 2″
30 – 20- 10
Thrusters ( 95, 65)
Wall balls (20, 14)

400m Run

Out of Town Workout

Run 10k

Mobility WOD


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