TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. June 10th, 2011

Day Three

We came into the third day with something to prove.   The numbers showed that barring a complete disaster we would qualify for Carson, but that wasn’t good enough for our team.  At that point, they wanted first place.  The first workout was a two-member workout called Amanda that involves muscle ups and squat snatches.  As I said at the competition this is the perfect CrossFit workout.  It involves high level gymnastics with a very technical Olympic weightlifting movement.  And by perfect I meant that in the worst possible way.  It is a torturous workout.  Danny and Lisa had a plan that involved Lisa taking 15-second breaks in between each muscle up attempt to insure no misses.  A missed muscle up is exhausting.  You do all the work and then end up overworking because you think you can still pull it off when in reality, there is no freaking way.  The two of them had performed this workout a couple of times before Regionals, and they had finished in a little over fifteen minutes.  This was a good time, but not a winning time.  For those of you who didn’t see it, Marcus positioned himself in the stands and gave Lisa her countdowns between muscle up reps, as planned.  What he didn’t tell her was that he was cutting her rest time down by a good five seconds compared to what they had practiced. He saw that she could handle it.

It was obvious almost right away that this was going to be a two horse race.  We would get ahead on the snatches and East Sac would get ahead on the muscle ups.  Back and forth, back and forth.  It was agony.  Allison had told Lisa that while there might be some women out there who could muscle up faster than she could, there wouldn’t be any who could handle those 95-pound snatches like she could.  At some point in the workout, I literally stopped calling out where the five other teams in the heat were because this race was too good to not call.  Lisa came off of her final muscle up rep a good fifteen seconds after the East Sac woman.  Danny picked up the bar and, not surprisingly, did 5 unbroken snatches.  Big Blue crowd screaming, Lisa picked up her bar and did 5 snatches at a touch and go pace.  Amazing.  In ten reps Danny and Lisa were able to catch up and pass to bring home not only the first place finish but the second best time in all of the regions so far.  They did it by not taking their hands off of the bar and never missing a rep.  An absolutely brilliant performance by Lisa as she had very little  rest throughout this entire workout.  I will argue that she would have had a top five time for Amanda amongst the individuals in our region! And Danny proved to the world (yes, the world was watching) that he is no one-trick pony but can rock muscle ups and rep out Oly lifts with the best of them.

On to the final workout and with a spot to the games just about guaranteed there was one goal left.  Total Domination.  The team wanted nothing less than first place overall.  Each member wanted to come in first in their spot against the other teams.

Marcus started out like a shot moving at his seemingly impossible pace.   As always, Marcus moved through each exercise with perfect form and and a clear plan of action.  Next up was Yago who  proved himself to be a rock throughout this competition.  He was always poised, always ready and always at 1000 percent effort.  He did every movement with perfection and never showed signs of fatigue.  It’s not easy to roam in the shadows of guys like Danny and Marcus.  Yago proved that he is no second fiddle.  He is the real deal, and we could not have done what we did in San Jose without him.  The guy was awesome. 

Jess, who made tremendous gains in the weeks leading up to Regionals, continued to show a competitor’s attitude by not settling for anything other than personal bests on everything.   She made it through her feared toes-to-bar with almost no sign of that fear.  She pulled through whenever we needed her to, and she was a huge part of what went down all weekend.  Last up was Allison.   When I spoke to her before the workout, since she was struggling with a stomach ailment she was a little unsure of how she was going to do.  She knew she would have to leave it all behind when it was time to do her thing, and that’s exactly what she did.  By the time she stepped onto the field she had a look of calm and  confidence.  She easily got through the dreaded 35# dumbbells and when she got to the toes-to-bar the crowd literally erupted as she knocked out one of the biggest, if not the biggest, set of toes-to-bar that day.  Once again this team showed that they are a team that the world will have to deal with come July in Carson.  The team finished 2nd in the final workout and won the competition by a larger margin than any other team in their region so far.  The final standings when the weekend was over looked like this:


Press 5 x 5 @ 20X2

KBS 53/35
Double Unders
Push Ups

Out of Town WOD

Double Unders
Push Ups

Mobility WOD


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