TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. June 9th, 2011

Click here to see Danny in action through the eyes of CrossFit Media

Day Two

Ugh.  Rain as soon as we woke up.  We got to the arena dodging lakes of muddy water.  The excitement never waned, though.  After getting the first couple of heats through the Deadlift/Box Jump workout I knew the times were fast.  There are some monsters out there who can lift heavy stuff and jump on really high stuff with no problems.  Still riding the high of the previous day, I had pretty good expectations.  I actually thought that the first workout was going to be our worst one of the competition, so I was feeling ok about this one not being as perfect as the others.  I was pretty much overwhelmed with running around, because the times were going by quickly so I had next to no time watching Danny and Jess on this one.  When they finished I was pretty shocked.  In those awful conditions, they beat their best combined score from a practice run a week earlier.  Jess was the anchor on this one, taking a good bunch of time off of her previous attempt at this wod.  I just couldn’t resist using the picture above because everyone thinks that Danny was just lounging around at the spa watching Jess kill herself.  Little did they know that they guy couldn’t stand up!  An 8th place finish and we were well on our way for day two, still in first place at that point.

The decision was made that for workout number two on day two, the teams would only perform 150 Chest to Bar Pullups due to the rain.  There were safety concerns and the call was made by Director of Training Dave Castro.  This would work against us, since our C2B pullups are extremely strong.  Still, Allison, Lisa, Marcus and Yago were completely prepared and confident with this workout.  They had their plan all set and were prepared to crush.  The rain actually started tapering off and the sun was making an attempt at coming out during the last team heat.  The field was a wreck.  There were holes filled with water and the bars were still dripping wet.  Our team stormed the pullups and were the first team off of the bar.  They had incredibly smooth transitions between each athlete on the bar, losing no seconds at all because of their perfect communication.  Marcus then crushed the kettlebell swings.  It wasn’t even close.  He was practically doing two swings to the other teams singles.  The rest of the crew did their part, too, with Lisa and Marcus doing a few more reps so that Yago and Allison could be ready for their double unders–all as planned.  Allison and Yago breezed through the  jumps  so fast that it looks like the film is fast forwarded.  The overhead squats were the deciding factor as our team’s long stretches of not putting the bar down brought home a second place finish.  Marcus and Lisa were on fire and Yago and Allison were rock solid contributors here as well.  People kept saying they looked like a machine during this workout.  Check out the chest-to-bar pullups in the clips below (thanks, Alicia B!).  Just awesome.

Here is what the end of Day Two looked liked.  At that point, we had  1 first place , 2 second places, and 1 eighth place finish





Announcements:  no Master’s class tomorrow so regular Masters attendees can join the regular 5:30 class in SR.

Let us know if your child will be doing our TEAM program this summer-starting next week.  We will be emailing about our summer kids session in the next day or two.

We have TJ’s Gym stickers for your cars!  Free.  Please be sure to ask for one!


4 sets
A1. 20 Walking Lunges with Heaviest DB/KB you can handle; rest 10 seconds
A2. Handstand Hold 45-60sec; rest 1-2mins

3 x 800m Run/Row
rest 1min
Total Time = Score

Out of Town Workout

40 Walking Lunge Steps

1 minute Handstand Hold

800m Run


Mobility WOD

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