WOD for TJ’s Gym Wed. June 8th, 2011

In the brilliant words of Coach Calen, “So THAT just happened.”

Here is the 1st place team for the Reebok CrossFit Northern California Region.  Let that sink in.  First place.  Along with 2nd place Rocklin CrossFit and 3rd place Diablo CrossFit, your TJ’s Gym team of Allison Belger, Lisa Rendic, Jess Woodall, Yago Fidani, Danny Nichols, and Marcus Filly with be representing Northern California in the 2011 Worldwide CrossFit Games in Carson , CA July 28th through the 31st. The competition was fierce and there were many other amazing teams with talented athletes.  They pushed us to do our best, and that we did.  We thank all of the other teams out there for being such great competitors and for being so gracious all weekend long.

Day One

The rain held off on Friday, and it was actually pleasant but overcast.  Our crowd from TJ’s was raucous and loud, just the way we like it.  Joe Ball, Lisa Smith and Brian Doll deserve and incredible amount of credit for how much they helped Andy.  Joe was a rock with his decisive answers to a million different questions.  His briefing of athletes and time organizing for athlete check-ins were awesome .  Lisa Smith was the go-to person for everything.  If athletes needed tape, if the MC needed the athlete order, if  volunteers needed to get their shirts, she was the one who helped.  It didn’t matter what the questions were, she handled the answers.  Brian Doll was the Jackiest of All Trades that I have ever seen.  He set up the wireless hotspot and got the media and scoring up and running.  He moved equipment, drove trucks,  organized and printed every piece of information I needed and screamed at his team like he was getting paid.  This trio should be running countries or Fortune 500 companies.

In the Handstand Pushup /rowing workout I knew right away that if we could go through the wod without anyone repeating handstand pushups, we would do very well.  I saw Marcus and Yago blaze through the handstands so quickly yet so calmly, and I got excited.  I missed Lisa’s but I saw Allison get the  rep she needed to do, as planned.  Everything got fuzzy until the anchorman row.  Brethren CrossFit’s anchor held a 1:21 pace for the first row which was incredible but they blew up on the pushups.  Allison was our anchor and when she got on the rower, Diablo was close behind.  Their team anchor was was a man and he was long and lanky, perfect for rowing.  He hadn’t done a single handstand pushup, because he didn’t have to.  When he was moving to the rower I told Joe Ball that Allison needed to be up by a few hundred to hold him off.  He started his row pulling a 1:25!  I positioned myself behind the rowers as often as I could but then I couldn’t take it.  It though I was going to have a heart attack.  He was obviously gaining on Allison, which was no surprise to anyone.  He had about a foot and 60-70 pounds on her.  Allison had been lamenting to anyone and everyone how much she hates rowing.  In my almost disbelief she was holding her pace from when she started.  It was an all out effort for everyone, which usually shows a pretty good drop in time towards the end of  a long row, but she wasn’t having it.    Diablo was able to catch up but beat us only by six seconds!  Allison anchored us into second in that workout in NorCal and a top five finish in the world.

Next up was the Thruster Ladder.  Pretty much everyone had the same thought.  We knew Jess and Danny could crush this thing but there were an incredible number of variables.  We were the only region (besides Europe who had bright sunny skies and 75 degree weather) that were holding their Regional outside and on incredibly unstable footing.  Our biggest worry was that one of them could make a minor mistake at a lighter weight.  The judges called alot of people out for the slightest infractions and they were correct in doing so.  We all held our breath as Jess approached a weight that only a few women had reached so far, 150lbs.  She’d made this lift under ideal conditions before and this muck was less then ideal.  She nailed it.  Only 7 other women in the entire contest made that weight for teams or individuals.  Then Danny came through.  He looked calm and collected even through the final row of bars.  As he approached the final weight of 295lbs I walked up to him and yelled “Give them what they came here for.”  Then the crazy face came on.   We all know what happened next.  He worked all the way up to a f%$#ing 325lb Thruster that I guarantee will stand as a record through the rest of these Regionals.  Jess and Danny put together a total of 475lbs and a put us into first place at the end of day one.

Here is what it looked like after Day One.  Stay tuned for Day Two tomorrow.

We were in the IJ today as well.


4 Sets of 10-12 Each
A1. Strict Knees to Elbows
A2. GHD Hip Extensions/Good Mornings

5 Rounds
10 DB Thrusters (45/25)
10 Burpees to Target

Out of Town WOD

5 Rounds
25 Jumping Squats
10 Burpees to Target

Mobility WOD


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