WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato for Tues. June 7th, 2011

We knew that there was going to be a whole new vibe to the Regionals this year because of Reebok’s participation as a multi million dollar sponsor.  Reebok made it clear that the relationship between CrossFit and Reebok was to bring this sport to the level of other professional sports.  The Regionals would be the first testing ground of this partnership and from all accounts , nobody wanted an event where a bunch of people were exercising behind some high school somewhere.  The wanted a great venue and an event that shocked and awed the fans as well as the participants.  Their next decision was to find the 17 people around the world who could deliver this very non specific idea and turn it into something special.

They already had names in place for folks who had run previous Regionals in other parts of the world but they needed someone new for NorCal.  NorCal is a whole other animal.  The birthplace of CrossFit, the greatest number of CrossFit gyms in the smallest radius.   Also some of the most competitive athletes come from NorCal as well.  I think it was a surprise to a lot of folks when our own Andy Boone was picked for the job and I know for a fact Andy was surprised himself.  Immediately he started the process of creating a team and delegating jobs to the best possible people.  Pretty much the definition of how to become a great leader.  He was in constant contact with the other department heads and never once showed an ounce of ego.  He asked more questions then gave orders and he made each person feel like they were a major contributor.  Countless hours of negotiating contracts with vendors, sponsors and the venue were squeezed in between coaching, running a gym and parenting.  He never once lost his cool with issues that would have made me break down in tears.

When the day came to head down to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds the day before the Regional Open started I found Andy in the midst of mayhem.  Hammer drills were bolting the pullup structure together, artificial turf was being laid, equipment was everywhere with people running around and yelling.  He looked at me with a big smile on his face as if he was sitting at Disneyland.  Throughout the entire weekend he managed competitors, judges, vendors, volunteers, CrossFit media, CrossFit head honchos, Reebok reps, Rogue reps as well as a myriad of folks who had their own agenda’s for the weekend.  I never saw him break.  He never raised his voice or got heated.  He did what Andy does.  He would put a hand on a shoulder, walk the person away from everyone else, turn to them and look them straight in the eye and say “tell me what I can do for you.”  If you’ve ever been in that Andy vortex, which most of us have,  you know what I’m talking about and you know he’s going to take care of you.

At least ten CrossFit veterans, I’m talking about people who have been around this game way longer than me, came up to me to tell me this was not only the best CrossFit event they have been to ever, but one of the best EVENTS they had ever been to.  I had the unique opportunity to have access to every single athlete and most of the spectators.  It was a constant stream of awe and appreciation for this event.  Every single time I pointed right at the calm dude with the hat on backwards.  “That’s Andy Boone, he’s the reason why you’re so happy.  Go tell him”  I don’t know if they did or not but it doesn’t matter.  I’m telling you all right now.  Our man put on a show that is now the standard.  I know that they are feeling pressure in not only other regions but for the CrossFit Games themselves.  He did it with poise and he did it with professionalism.

He deserves far more credit than a post on a blog but this is what I can do for him to show him how blown away and appreciative I am of the job he did this weekend.

From me, the spectators, competitors, vendors, sponsors and CrossFit itself, Thank you Andy.  Nobody could have done it better.

Wouldn’t you know but Dr. Allison has another article in the CrossFit Journal.  Check it out here.

Our TEAM summer session is starting next week.  We sent an email out tonight to SR/CM folks and will get to Novato folks this week. If you have a teen athlete in your home who might want to join but you didn’t get an email, please email us right away.


3 Max Pull Up Attempts – Kipping Allowed
*athletes without kipping pull ups will be given max rep attempts on bands. athletes can use the time to practice double unders

3 Rounds
21 Deadlifts (185/135)
50 Double Unders

Out of Town Workout

3 Rounds

21 Pullups

50 Double Unders

Mobility WOD



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