WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Fri. May 6th, 2011

The Redwood High Golf Team has been training with us since the season started.  Last week they were crowned MCAL champs.  Great job boys.

**WARNING-  Long but very worthy read ahead.  From Coach Lisa:

Are you planning to come down and cheer on the team at Regionals? We
hope so!! Last year one of our biggest competitors and a team we
admire tons, Invictus, was incredibly intimidating due to their swarm
of fans all wearing green Invictus t-shirts. It was a pretty awesome
sight and one that drove me nuts all weekend. Although our support
crew was awesome and loud, they did get a little drowned out whenever
the ‘sea of green’ was around. So this year, although Invictus won’t
be there (they are SoCal) it would be great to have a ‘sea of blue’
intimidating all the other teams and willing Team TJ to kick as much
ass as possible. I am not one to ask people to put themselves out
there and make an effort to help me out, but I am going to this time,
and admit that I will do better at Regionals the more people that are
there pulling for us. Huge for me to ask/admit, but TJ wants us to
strut some swagger and this will be one of my ways to do that. Please
come down and support Team TJ at Regionals! We have a HUGE goal to hit
– finishing top 3 – and we need all the support we can get! Not only
will you help the members of the team do their best, but this can
become yet another event that will increase our community spirit and
the cf love we all have for eachother. (did you know i was so

To complete my sales pitch on coming down to lovely San Jose June 3,
4, and/or 5 is the reminder that not only will you see some awesome
crossfitting, but also have a blast as it is basically one big party.
Lots of tents, people hanging, munching and drinking, cool vendors,
and for the guys: most of the young, female competitors are walking
around in lulu two sizes too small. What’s not to love about this
weekend for all of us cf junkies? oh yeah – and Boone is running the
show so we need to make sure his event an overall success! (Hope no
one questions him when Team TJ’s wins it…)

We have a room block arranged at the San Jose Marriott if anyone wants
to stay there. This block is under “TJ’s Gym.” The rate is $138/night
which is better than if you called direct.This rate expires May 13.
Just click this link and it walks you through (see grey banner on the
left of the page):

There is another block at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Jose
International Airport under “Crossfit” for $69/night arranged by HQ.
The contact phone for reservations is 408 467-1789.

Both of these hotels will book up fast so make a reservation now if
you are even considering staying the night. You can always cancel.
Boone will post any scheduling info when he gets it. For now, all we
know is June 3-5. Not times of any sort yet…sorry.
Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to post here
plans, ideas, carpools, etc. Let’s build the biggest camp in tent city
ever! Don’t forget to pack your blue!
GO TJ’s!!!


Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

8min AMRAP
8 Hang Power Snatch (60-70% of best triple today)
12 Sit Ups

Compare to 11/17/2010

Out of Town WOD

8min AMRAP
8 Box Jumps
12 Sit Ups

Mobility WOD


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