WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Tues. April 26th, 2011

Our man Calen had a birthday today and as you can see, he was well celebrated.  This is one beloved coach here at the gyms and his harem up in Novato let him know today.  This guy trains at all the locations and is as dedicated a professional as there is.  It is shocking to think that just a couple of years ago he was hitting up inverted beer bongs at Phi Beta Kappa or whatever.  Personally I admire him for two reasons.   He has the goofy kind of sense of humor that makes me laugh every single time we converse.  The other is his inability to be dishonest.  He tells it like it is in the sweetest way possible.  One of my great successes of starting this business is now having him as part of my life on a daily basis.  I love this guy.

Happy Birthday Calen.

And to keep the Cdog train rolling here is a note from Andy Boone regarding really cool stuff up in Novato.

Howdy. Wanted to let you all know that we are kicking off a Skills
Development class in Novato on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30 am. I am
happy to announce that Calen Hall will teach both classes.

If you are new to our program, we highly encourage you to attend these
classes as often as possible.  They have been a huge success with
beginners in SR and CM, and we are now expanding the concept to
Novato.  For now, these classes are also open to those of you in our
program who may not be beginners, but who feel tentative about certain
movements and who might benefit from a little extra instruction in
technique and form.

Can’t say enough good things about the Skills Development model. If
you are not quite sure, pop in and try a class or shoot me an email
and we can discuss.



A1. Floor Press 5 x 5 sets
A2. Ring Rows 10 x 5 sets (slow and steady, lots of control)

*coaches: take time to instruct on proper spotting and loading. spotters should be instructed on how to help get bar into position without compromising their low back position. in other words, nobody is leaning over their partner and reaching out to grab a bar. if they sumo deadlift it into position they better do it correctly. otherwise there should be two spotters on either collar of the bar)

800m Run
15 Press (95/65)
400m Run
15 Push Press (95/65)
200m Run
15 Push Jerk (95/65)

Out of Town Workout

800m Run
15 Handstand Pushups
400m Run
15 Pushups
200m Run
15 Dips

Mobility WOD


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