WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Mon. March 21st, 2011

Finally found the camera, under the couch.

Dylan’s birthday Fran happened on Friday and all who were there were able to watch him and some of his fans rock out in front of thirty some odd people.  This guy deserved the attention.  We love him, and he is a perfect example of what I want the legacy of this place to be.   Community and changing lives.  Rock on, Brother.







This video doesn’t exist

Check out the last three reps and the mayhem that followed in the video.

We’ve got raffle tickets for sale for the Oliva Smith travel fund to the Junior Nationals Olympic Weightlifting Meet.  Every coach will be announcing it in class, so bring some cash and let’s send this kid to Flowery Hill , GA where she can represent  TJ’s!

We’ve got TJ’s Yoga going on all week.  Mondays and Wednesdays in Corte Madera at 7:15pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays in San Rafael at 7:30pm.

We rocked the Open Sectionals workout last week, and I know everyone had so much fun with it.  Unfortunately, CFHQ  has had to postpone the second workout for the following week to fix some website registration glitches.  The good news is that the Throwdown Series is back!  Go to the site, register up, and we will throw it down on Saturday from  12-2pm and do like we do. And, if you still want to register for, and to the Open Sectionals first workout, you still can. Just let us know!


A1. Single Leg RDL; 3010 x 6-8 reps; 3 working sets
A2. Side Planks; 45-60 sec/side; 3 sets

Deadlift (185/135)
Ring Dip

Out of Town Workout

A1. Single Leg RDL; 3010 x 6-8 reps; 3 working sets
A2. Side Planks; 45-60 sec/side; 3 sets


Couch or Chair Dip with or without elevated feet.

After each set you have 30 second side plank holds each side.


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