WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Wed. March 16th, 2011

Had to throw Kevin up on the blog.  Why not?  Dude quietly crushes workouts and has gotten so much stronger over the past year.  He’s an active outdoors guy–surfing, running, mt . biking.  He does it all.  He seems to have a great balance with CrossFit and other recreational activities.  You?

Keep Sunday, April 3rd open in your calendar for the Olivia Smith Travel Raffle and Clean and Jerk contest.  It will be held in San Rafael from 12-3pm.  Ask any coach for raffle tickets for sale at $5 per ticket–cash only.  The raffle prizes will include new Innovate Sneakers, TJ’s Gym Gear, Lululemon outfits, gift cards to local restaurants, and all kinds of fun stuff.  The proceeds will  go to Olivia’s travel expenses for the Junior National Weightlifting Meet  in Gainsville, GA this June .  Olivia is our 17-year-old phenom, who picked up weightlifting last year and lost 75lbs in the process.  She now has a chance to take her skills to the national level, and who knows where from there.  .

Keep signing up for the Open Sectionals and be sure to join our team!  The workout has yet to be posted.  Check the discussion board for times when you can come do the workouts with a judge.  GO TEAM!


A1. 2.4 Press/Push Press Complex (2 presses, 4 push presses); 5 working sets
A2. Ring Row AMRAP @ strict 2020 tempo;

B. Tabata Mash Up
Sit Ups Anchored
Box Jumps

Out of Town Workout

Tabata Mash Up
Sit Ups Anchored
Box Jumps

2o seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for sixteen rounds switching back and forth between situps and box jumps.


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