WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Wed. Feb. 23rd, 2011

Brad Matsik competed in his first CrossFit competition last weekend–our NorCal 40’s event.  He did quite well, placing 2nd in the first workout and 4th in the 3rd workout,  narrowly missing top 5 placement going into the final workout.  Brad’s kids were there to cheer him on, and a week later, his oldest daughter, Kelsey, did her best Daddy imitation at our Monday kid’s class in Corte Madera.  If you want your kids to be like Kelsey, sign them up for TJ’s Kids.   We have classes on M, W, and Sunday in Corte Madera and San Rafael, and our Novato program kicks off  Feb. 27th at the Novato Gymnastics Center building multipurpose room.

You will also find Brad and MANY other TJ’s Gymers, throwing it down in San Rafael this Saturday from 12-2, NOT 12-3 as previously stated.  Check out throwdownseries.com if you’re interested in competing against other athletes from around the world, from the comfort of our own gyms.  Just another creative and successful venture by a few of TJ’s Gym’s finest.  Workouts will be announced on Friday, and you can do them as prescribed or scaled–it’s up to you.  Only prescribed entrants will be eligible for prize money.  Post to the discussion board if you have questions.


6 sets for total time/load
3 Bear Complex; rest 30seconds
12 Burpees; rest 30seconds
200m row; rest 3mins

Warm up with barbell complexes and get right into this one. Leave plenty of time. We did this a few months ago with sprints not rowing. Weight on each bear complex must increase from set to set

Out of town workout


Wall Walks


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