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TJ’s Gym had an athlete place in the top three at the NorCal 40’s.  I have been surfing the other CrossFit sites at gyms who had competitors who did well, and they sang their praises.  Well, Hell’s Bell’s I’m gonna do the same thing.  Dr. Allison-TJ’s Gym-Belger kicked ass on Sunday.  She shook me awake at 4am last Friday to ask me what the workouts were, an hour before I would post them online.  There was a string of vulgarity after I described each event that would rival a biker gang’s annual ride to Reno.  Allison slowly started coming around to realizing that, while none of the workouts were great for her (short of knowing she’d rock the toes to bar in WOD 3), she had been training seriously and that is what it would come down to.  She was consistent across the day, finishing second in the first event, third in the second event (a heavy wod with TWO barbells!), and third in the third event.  She had no idea what the final workout was going to be.  Unfortunately, I did.  If the first three workouts weren’t money makers, didn’t fit in her wheelhouse, the last one would fit into her home state of New York.  Three 1-rep-max weighted movements and two advanced gymnastic moves, all for max efforts, and she was going against three gymnasts, one who is currently pro.  Shit.  I was most worried about injury, but she had handled herself fine in the earlier workouts.  Allison plowed through the 5 stations like a champ, finishing a workout that maybe only two other TJ’s Gym women could have finished as prescribed.   Due to some strategy errors and despite a gritty effort, Allison dropped in the standings after this WOD.  When the final tally was figured, Allison was tied for third place overall.  However, the tie-break rule favored the other competitor who had a 1st-place finish to Allison’s 2nd, Allison was bumped to 4th.  The 2nd, 3rd, and tied for 3rd  (Allison) places were separated by only three points.  Everyone who watched the competition on Sunday was inspired by each and every athlete out there.  I dare say, though, that Allison’s performance was one of the more inspirational.  The fact that she competed the way she did given the crazy demands on her schedule, the limited sleep, the energy she devotes to running our entire community, the struggles of being a mom and a Psychologist, makes her performance that much more impressive.  That, in  my unbiased opinion.

Allison told me that, as she hobbled to pick up our girls at school on Monday afternoon, it hit her that nobody there had any idea what she had done the day before.  Can you imagine trying to explain that to someone?  It really doesn’t matter though, because we all know, and she did us proud.


A. Jerk Behind the Neck
3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 3; rest 2 mins

3 Rounds for Reps
40 sec Push Press (75/55)
20 sec rest
40 sec Wall Ball (20/14)
20 sec rest
40 sec Double Unders
20 sec rest


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