WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Wed. Feb. 16th, 2011

Continued from yesterday….With Jess out, text messages were firing back and forth.  Quickly, Allison recalled that our own TJ’s Gymer, Kara Purves, who also works out with her own clients at CF 707, had chimed in on our discussion board some time ago that she’d be psyched to do East Sac again this year if the opportunity arose.  She got the call that we needed a sub and said yes, after a good 2 minutes of mulling it over.  So, the teams were set, but would anyone miss the last step outside their front door or slam a finger in a car door before the damn competition actually started?  We would have to see.

The first event was a weighted sled pull and then max reps of bench press (BW for men and 3/4 BW for women)  in a defined time period.  All of our teams performed magnificently.  Danny pulled the sled so hard that, literally, sparks came out from underneath it, leading his team to a first-place finish in that WOD.  Jason Bannister bench pressed his body weight 28 flipping times!  Lisa Rendic benched 3/4 her bodyweight 16 times, and she NEVER trains the bench press.  The second event had four stations: Max Snatch, max weighted pullup, max Barbell Turkish Get Up (no get down required), and max box jump.  Watching Megan Kaden lift a 7ft. 50-lb bar up over her head with one hand was like watching Cirque de Soleil.  Doug Houlahan jumped 57 inches!  He could literally jump over his wife. Cory Boyd PR’d his snatch by 10 pounds, which almost gave me a heart attack, because the guy gets so freaking excited.  Just about every spectator and competitor watched Danny snatch 290lbs.,  50lbs more than the next closest competitor.  Freakishly, this was 20 pounds shy of Danny’s PR.  Marcus lifted 145lbs in the Turkish Get up with a crowd of awe-inspired onlookers.  The guys is grace in action.  Heidi G pulled up with 35 pounds hanging from her tiny frame  in the form of a kettlebell.  Dylan Grimes missed his snatch attempt about 5 times before gutting it out and making his final lift, to the cheers of spectators.  Totally gutsy performance!

The final event was a great one.  400m Run for time, one-arm kb snatches, double unders with a rope that you would might use to anchor your boat, pistols, handstand pushups, heavy deadlifts, wall balls (30lbs for men, 20lbs for women), rope climbs, a 6ft wall that you had to hurl a sandbag (85lbs for men, 55lbs for women) over and then climb over the wall.  Lisa Smith cranked through the kb snatches like she was holding a salt and pepper shaker, to borrow an analogy the CF Regionals announcer used on Lisa Rendic last Spring.   Dylan hammered out wall balls.  Leticia and Lisa Rendic might be the most athletic women I have ever seen.  Watching them climb ropes and hurl themselves over that freaking wall was astounding. Leticia handled every single component of that event like she had trained it daily. Her goat is the deadlift, because she gets hurt, but she gave it a try and accepted failure–smart.  She is incredibly graceful with all movements.  Allison wants me to mark her words–Leticia will go places with this CrossFit stuff if she wants to.   Kara Purves stepped up to the deadlift completely unsure if this was a weight she could handle.  She handled it like a champ and cranked out reps with ease.    Her overall performance, with not a single gap, helped her team take home first place.  Amazing feats all day long!

We waited nervously while the scores were tallied and finally found out we won!

In typical TJ’s fashion, our crowd erupted when the announcement was made.  Each of us there on Saturday, as well as those of you supporting from home, had a hand in this victory.  Everything we do at TJ’s Gym is a community effort.  Our other teams came in 17th and 28th, rounding out a great day.  Here is the link to the standings and photo’s.

This was an incredible event and one in which we plan to participate for many years to come. Next year we will coordinate better with Justin Riley at CF East Sac, because the back-to-back competition was a bit exhausting for many of us!

Tomorrow…The Norcal 40’s

Here is a note from Andy about CrossFit Kids in Novato!

I am excited to announce that we are launching our CrossFit Kids
program on Feb. 27th and joining hands with the City of Novato in our
venture. The program will run at the Novato Teen Center muliti-purpose
room, in the same building as Novato Gymnastics Center. The facility
offers us a large indoor floor and outdoor synthetic field. We will
have a variety of tumbling mats and have added all the necessary, fun
CrossFit Kids equipment.

The CrossFit Kids program will combine gymnastics, body weight
calisthenics, and natural body movement.  This will help to develop
skills in areas such as; cardio endurance, power, strength, speed,
flexibility, coordination, and several others.  Classes will include a
warm-up, skill work, a workout, and an exercise intensive game.  The
elements are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while
teaching them proper movement and creating a broad athletic

Leah Gaynor
Jessica Woodall
Andy Boone

Please register now for Session 1 (6 weeks):

Feb. 27-April 6.

You may choose to attend the Wednesday session or Sunday session or

6 week 1x/week: $98
6 week 2x/week: $168
Sign-up for both classes and save!

Preschool (ages 4-6) from 3:30-4:15 pm (online reg code:15427)
Elementary (ages 7-10) from 4:20-5:05 pm (online reg code:15428)

Preschool (ages 4-6) from 9:00-9:45 am (online reg code:15404)
Elementary (ages 7-10) from 9:50-10:35 am (online reg code:15426)

Wednesday and Sunday classes.
(Wed. and Sun. Preschool online reg code 15429)
(Wed. and Sun. Elementary online reg code 15430)

1) Register online at www.NovatoFun.org
2) Register via *Phone Registration: (415) 899-8250
* Must have a family pin number and participant barcode.Call the
Novato Parks, Recreation & Community Services Office at 899-8200 for
more information.
3) Register in person at:
Novato Gymnastics Center, 950 7th St., Novato, CA 94945
Margaret Todd Senior Center, 1560 Hill Rd., Novato, CA 94947
(415) 899-8200, Fax: (415) 897-6395, *Phone Registration: (415)
Gymnastics Office Registration Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 9am to 4:30pm,
Tues, Thur 9am to 6pm.
Margaret Todd Registration Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

You can always reach me on my cell: 415-290-2964. Don’t hesitate to
call. Hurry up…..classes capped at 16 kids!


A. Snatch Pulls @ 2020; 3 sets of 3 reps
*performed just like clean pulls, except with a snatch grip.  For athletes who are challenged with ROM in their set-ups, snatch pulls can be performed from blocks or plates.
B. Snatch @ 50% of 1RM; 2 reps every 30sec for 5 minutes

“Snatching Annie”
DB Power Snatch (40/25)
Abmat Sit Up

Out of Town Workout



Double Unders



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