WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Tues. Feb. 15th, 2011

This post will last one week.  If you are looking for information other than the East Sac Throwdown or the NorCal 40’s, go look somewhere else.  I am still without my cameras as our amazing videographer, Jen Thomas, still has them, so I will be using some pics that I am pilfering from the incredible pictures of Alicia Bannister and Heather Flynn and other sites and links.

The East Sac Throwdown is in it’s second year of having four-person teams compete.  Owner Justin Riley does an amazing job of running a competitive, yet fun event.  I believe registration for teams sold out in under an hour and spectator tickets sold out soon after.  We, of course, had our TJ’s Gym guardian angel looking over us.  Unfortunately that angel looks like Paulie Walnuts and his motto is “Let’s see whatya got?” Every competition we enter we have some sort of mishap that tests our fortitude.  This year Andy Boone had to pull out due to a hip injury and Bob Scheppler was out because of a bad back a week beforehand.   Heather Flynn went down with an injury on Thursday.  We needed  high- level athletes pronto.  Doink, insert the dynamic duo of Marcus Filly and Megan Kaden and all-around gym hero Dylan Grimes here.  With very short notice, even shorter for Megan, these guys were thrown into a very competitive atmosphere.  We had three teams registered.  Lisa Rendic, Danny Nichols, Marcus and Jessica Woodall made up one team.  Megan, Cory Boyd, Jason Bannister and Leticia Monelli were the next team.  Lisa Smith, Dylan,  Doug Houlahan and Heidi George made up our third team.  All seemed to be falling into place.  As Lisa, Cory, Danny, Andy and I were setting up for the NorCal 40’s event in Novato  a call came in from Jess.  She had an intense migraine and was out for Saturday.  Paulie Walnuts was laughing his ass off at this point.  This was getting ridiculous.  We have one of the largest CrossFit communities in the world, but does it have enough breadth and depth to get us out of yet another jam?…..To be continued tomorrow.

Another interesting event yesterday at the NorCal 40’s.  Trevor Coddington walked up to me and said, “What time do you think the finals are going to start?  My wife’s water just broke and we want to see them.”  Uh, ok.  After the women’s finals they couldn’t wait any longer, and a short time later, Presley Jeanne was born.  She’s the one with the hat.  Mom Jenni is doing great, as well.

Toni’s stretching it tomorrow at noon.  $20 drop in at San Rafael.


A1. Barbell Russian Step Ups (weight loaded on back) 5 reps/leg; 5 sets
*Perform all reps on weaker leg first, then switch to other leg
A2. Side Planks 45sec/side; 5 sets
*Hold a weight plate on your side to increase the difficulty if needed. Perform both sides on each set

AMRAP 12mins

10 ring rows
14 competition pushups
20 OH lunges (45/25)

Out of town workout

On the Minute for 20 minutes

3 Handstand Push Ups
5 Box Jumps


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