WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Thurs. Feb 10th, 2011

Continuing with our NorCal 40’s blog theme tonight. The height of competition season for the worldwide CrossFit community is about to hit, but most CrossFitters will never make it to the CrossFit Games. In recognition of this fact, many affiliates are running competitions of their own. Some are open to all comers, and some are specific to certain demographics. You’ve heard stories of our women who competed at Femme Fit in Walnut Creek at CrossFit Sweatshop last weekend. This Saturday there’s a great team throwdown at CrossFit East Sacramento, and we’ll have 3 teams of 4 athletes each representing the TJ’s Gym community. This Sunday is the inaugural NorCal 40’s event, our own competition to be held at TJ’s Gym/CrossFit Novato. Women and men ages 40-49 from all over northern California will compete in a series of 3 workouts and a final workout for the top contenders. For those of you who wonder if any of these, or other CrossFit competitions will ever be for you, and for those of you who can’t imagine why anyone would want to compete, here’s a great read by our very own in-house shrink, Dr. Allison Belger. It was published in the CrossFit Journal back in 2009, but the message is, and always will be, current. By the way, since that article was written, Dr. B met and actually crushed the Fran goal she wrote about in the article. If you don’t know what Fran is, don’t worry. You will one day. Enjoy and make your plans to come out and cheer on Allison and the other TJ’s Gymers (soon-to-be-highlighted) who will be competing this Sunday, starting at 9am. We promise this will be an event worth watching!



Open Gym – Handstands
(rings, floor, wall, headstands, etc)

Deadlift (185/135)
Handstand Push Up

Out of Town Workout

Box Jump
Handstand Push Up

100m Sprint after each set.



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