WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Fri. July 9th, 2010

Tonight’s TEAM TJ athlete profile is of Coach Yago.  Allison put this little ditty together this evening so that you can all have a little more insight into the kind of athlete that Yago is.

Yago has been with us for many years, starting back when we had brown carpets and beige walls in San Rafael.  He started with our “Metabolic Training” and transitioned to CrossFit when we did in early 2008.  Yago is a workhorse, plain and simple. I think it’s safe to say that he consistently puts in more hours of truly intense training than anyone in our program.  Yago possesses that inner mechanism that people either have or they don’t–that ability to push to an incredibly uncomfortable place and stay there until he is finished with the task at hand.  None of us who watched him during the long metcon this year at the NorCal Sectionals will ever forget the color of his face or the rolled back eyes while he pushed through the final row.  
Like many of his teammates, Yago is an amazingly well-rounded athlete.  He is gifted in the gymnastic movements, and if you’ve never seen him bust out kipping ring dips, you’re missing out, because it is a sight to see.  He can also fly on muscle ups and handstand pushups, but there’s something about the rhythm of those dips!  Yago is fast as lightening on the track, and his endurance is even more impressive than his speed.  Perhaps most out of his natural element in heavy weightlifting, even here Yago posts impressive numbers and continues, through practice and determination, to close the gap between his own performance and that of other athletes who specialize in lifting.  
What most impresses me about Yago these days, even beyond his great physical prowess, is his development as a person, coach, and teammate.  Self-admittedly a creature of habits who needs his time to himself and relishes his routines, Yago has become increasingly easygoing and accommodating as time passes.  In Irvine at Regionals, his inner calm and confidence were apparent to us all.  He kept the rest of us grounded during moments of stress and concern, serving as a quiet leader when the heat was on.  Yago is self-assured and confident about his strengths, while being realistic and gracious when acknowledging the feats of those around him.  After a rocky start when the “Golden Boy” came to town and shattered some of Yago’s leader board standings, Yago is now motivated by the younger Marcus and his presence has only made Yago stronger and fitter.  To say that Yago is motivated, driven, and wants to succeed is an understatement. He  might be the only one of us on the team who didn’t have to change much about his training for the Games.  He pushes himself to limits on a daily basis that many of us have never known.
So, next time you’re in class with Yago, wish him luck in Carson, and definitely ask him to do some ring dips while spinning in a circle!  Yago, thanks for keeping the dream alive!
On another note and this will disappoint some of you.  The Debunking of the China Study.  Thanks Coach Barnes. 
Here is another link to “The Protein Debate”, a paper of two positions, debated by T. Colin
Campbell (author of The China Study) and Prof. Loren Cordain (author of The Paleo Diet).
Neither are easy reads so set out some time and be your own judge.

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 Reps

Run 800m
30 Power Cleans @ 135#/95#
30 KBS 53/35

Gold 115/75, Silver 95/65, Bronze 75/45
Here is my take on this wod.  Some of you might be looking for another big metcon.  Sometimes we run into trouble here.  This IS a big metcon.  135/95 is no joke.  But then we run into form issues.  If your form sucks, you can’t use heavy weight, right?  If you don’t use heavy weight then it isn’t going to be challenging.  I want it to be challenging, so I am writing up a second workout for those of you need to work on form and still get your bell rung
“Up and Comers”

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 Reps

Run 800m
15 Power Cleans with perfect technique

15 KB Swings (heavy but manageable)

3 Rds

400m Run

Out of town workout

4 rounds

1 minute max Push Ups
1 minute max Squats
1 minute max Sit Ups
1 minute max Burpees
1 min REST


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2 Responses to WOD for TJ’s Gym CrossFit San Rafael/Corte Madera/Novato Fri. July 9th, 2010

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  2. freelee says:

    Denise’s analysis of The China Study is heavily flawed and therefore invalid, not my opinion those words from a cancer epidemiologist.

    Here it is…

    The proper testing procedure as stated by an expert on analysing stats…

    Campbells response to Denise..

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